Lowering Phantom's 4×4 Dually With a 3/5 Drop Kit and Retaining the 4wheel Drive!

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Lowering Phantom’s Drama Dually with a McGuaghy 3/5 drop kit with help from the 3 stooges!

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  1. little trick about them jeans spray them with windex flip them inside out and put them in the wash with other greasy oily clothes that you have that to as well
    gets the grease right out.

  2. One thing I gotta say is you know you're way around Chevy trucks front to back excellent job.. But I own a Ford Ranger 99 3 Liter best damn truck I ever own. 258000 miles. I live in New Mexico I just got back from a round trip up to Oregon so yeah she's gone need an oil change.

  3. Oh no the bank to let you know I'm 66 I wear flip flops all the damn time but i have not been able to get out and get a spa pedicure and get my toes done but i love the colors you do on your toenails life's awesome bro

  4. Where I come from 2008 model years are long rusted away and in the scrap yard. A job like that would be much more difficult. Truck looks awesome phantom!

  5. You put crosshairs on those rivets with a grinder and then hit them from the side with the air chisel and they will come off pretty easily.

  6. I love yall. Not in that there's a gun digging into my hip kind of way LOL but I got a lot of struggles going on in my life right now and when I see you guys to go through your struggles and makes mine seem not so bad and then when I see you guys as triumphs it gives me a little bit of hope. I know I'm just listener 36 and y'all could care less, just letting you know I appreciate all that you guys do everyday and sharing this stuff everybody makes a difference to people. Good luck with the fat girl I hope you get her lined out, she deserves to see those win lights again, no matter how much of a bitch she's being right now and still reminding you all that she still runs the show

  7. Y’all are still one of my favorites and cool as hell 💯🤙 but damn I’ll never understand the flip flops and toenail polish thing 😂🤦‍♂️

  8. Dang man I loved the blue Silverado SS. I've always wanted one, if I had known you were gonna sell it I probably would have bought it to go with my blue Trailblazer SS. Oh well, love the new to you dually though too. It looks sick with the wheels and the drop.

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