LONG AWAITED OG MURDER NOVA UPDATE! New and Improved and Ready To Hit The Streets!

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The OG Murder Nova got some huge updates in the last 6 months! See what’s going on with it now!

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  1. O Murder Nova vai dominar muito com o OG, chassi novo agora pode por potência, todos os carros da lista deviam ter motores assim, acho que ia ser muito mais divertido, na minha opinião, os motores HEMI são feitos para terem muita potência, e não e toda gente que gosta de HEMI,

  2. Na rua esses motores Blok pequenos deve ser muito bom, gosto muito de ver esses carros como do Murder nova, são mais tradicionais, os HEMI são bons ,mas assim o pessoal que não usa Hemi na lista e difícil de acompanhar, vocês aceleram muito, da para ver que e preciso ter alguma potência e ajustes para acompanhar todos esse carros aí , gosto muito de assistir vocês 👍✌️👍 estou sempre no YouTube a ver corridas proibidas✌️👌👍🤜💪👍👍👍

  3. Finally back to the configuration I personally dig funny car style Zoomies!
    300ibs lighter and 3000% safer!
    Choosing to Powder Coat anything, much less, choosing to clear powder coating the cage to showcase those beautiful badass welds total Boss decision!
    Remembering Pathom badass quads builds I’d say it’s pretty clear whom made that boss decision!
    However, Shawn gets some credit too as he paid for the great idea! 😂
    Looks spectacular! She Definitely has worked for such an amazing make over only such a bread winner deserves!!
    Not to mention, Shawn being a full size White man the new cage no longer requires a magician on the payroll to get Shawn in and out of the OG as the original cage did…

  4. The OG went on a BAD ASS DIET!!💯💪🏻💯 My favorite ride PERIOD💯 Must be nice to be a kid that gets to grow up in the Murder Nova shop. Just imagine ALL the knowledge you could get👀👀 Can’t wait too see how bad. BITCH the OG is gonna be💯👍🏻💪🏻👍🏻💯

  5. Love the behind the scenes view love the shop talk with the boys they are hilarious lots of awesome knowledge love u guys thanks for taking the time to educate everyone that watches. Much love guys and good luck this new season on the streets

  6. Wow what a build that chassis is a masterpiece and ride height is sexy as hell the lower the better. OG will be back to kick ass and take names

  7. So the OG is now the new- new car, and the old new car is now the new OG. My brain hurts. You guys are the best, and I am happy as fuck to see you do this!

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