Lizzy Musi's New No Prep Car!!

In this video we have Lizzy Musi in a brand new Camaro that was specifically built for no prep. There is no denying Lizzy Musi is hard to beat with her nitrous assisted Camaro at the no prep kings event. But, she brought out another new car that she debuted at the New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. This new car is a little different from her previous car as it is a 60’s Camaro instead of a new edge Camaro. But, in performance this new car has been lifting the wheels on almost every run. This new car squats down hard and pulls hard down track. Bringing a new car with three races in already is a little risky if a racer does not have a handle on it. But, Lizzy looks like they have the bugs worked out and are literally laying down some serious passes. Check out the video and see for yourself her runs and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Ya Know, at first wasnt sure. But after a few passes, appreciate the effort 2 keep the thing look n like a 69 Camero. Amaze n how much car U can stuff under a fairly stock appear n body.

  2. What would be really kool, if pat got back behind the wheel & raced lizzy! Now that would be a once in a lifetime show!!!

  3. As a side note: aesthetically I do not like the new smaller rectangle rear wing side plate rule. The side plates used to be shaped to suit the cars body lines now they all have the same skinny rectangular side plates. I understand the need for rules but think a rule on side plate surface area would achieve a similar outcome yet retain more of the individual cars (body) style appeal.

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