Lizzy Musi’s New Car For NPK – No Prep News Episode 64

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  1. I’m still pissed off either JJ or Discovery cheated the NOLA guys. I’m a 405 fan but after learning what happened… all it did was hurt the credibility of the network and arguable their biggest blossoming star… aka JJ.
    Great job Sim as always

  2. Heard your last comments and I’ve told you this before… keep doing what you’re doing and most especially keep asking the 405 guys fir interviews! Hell fir that matter…. you need to ask (pester?) the NOLA, Black Sheep Mafia and yeah… members of the 405 for interviews.
    Other than that… f the haters and stay focused brother.

  3. Another great video little bruh! Yeah for sure Lizzy and Kye's program is up in the air. They have the ability to go to the top with Lizzy's dad being who he is and what he does, They have the hot rods to do it. Just knowing what to do with all that power is key. See ya tomorrow for the real OG "Street Outlaws" ttve

  4. I thought after shock was kyes car ? I think pro charger for NPK and Nitrous for the street for Kye. Your probably right SIM about Kye and Lizzy devoting shocker and after shock to the street.

  5. Kye does not have the same program as lizzy belive that
    Yes pat helps with the engines thats it
    Pat does seem to be buying and building cars for kye and why should he kye is a grown man

  6. Why do you assume so much on what you hear on the internet? You have stated so much false news, it is like the fake news media. And I have been watching for a year. Quit putting out false information.

  7. WRT the color of the Murder Nova: it wouldn't be a big deal except he's made it a big deal, meaning the car's gonna get slagged (in a good-natured way), maybe they'll christen it something cute like the "Angel Nova" or the "Marshmallow Nova" LOL

  8. SIMabcxyz the aftershock is now Kyes car he sold his car to Jeff Martin he is putting a screw blower on Aftershock and building Lizzy a new car that will get down any surface

  9. Pat Mussi did a podcast recently and he did say Lizzy was getting a new car built for NpK And her current car is going to be getting a new smaller motor aimed mor for the streets and things like cash days or anything like JJs armdrop or ?

  10. What up sim i dont comment often but i love watching your vids. After a few hard times finally got my build under way. I enjoy your vids. Keep on keepin on bud and hopefully this new year brings good things for ya. 🤘

  11. Saw on a 187 video where Shawn said it was gonna be black just a different black . I agree with your guess about Kye and Lizzy . Only make sense to have car for NPK and one for Street cause to hard to switch back and forth cause car setup for NPK /street has to much power for Street to handle. Just part of the evolution of it all that we talked about before. Cya next time.

  12. For all of these guys/gals it's all about getting a car that fits the application. 4000hp doesn't work that well on the street. We don't know the structure of these cars. Most or all of these cars were designed/built before NPK. Meaning they may not be setup the best for the application. Street has different needs than the track, prepped or not. With the high requirements for NPK, it's important to take full advantage of the rules to be competitive. This could be things like single/double frame rails, or suspension setups, firewall/engine placement, wheelbase, or distance from front wheel to the bumper. Too many new cars coming to the scene to not follow suit.

  13. Lizzie would never leave what she's doing now with her father she's a president of that garage can't happen on the other hand ty Kelly yeah you could leave it

  14. Hey SIM – love your enthusiasm and your content, especially the interview you did with Chief. I have a question that is a bit off-topic, however: What ever happened to Chief’s mechanic Monkey? I can only assume they are no longer together. If this is the case do you think this will have a big impact on the quality of work Chief can accomplish on his car? Thanks in advance!

  15. What's up Sim just letting u know ur voice is heard as far as Barbados n the Caribbean.. we love Street Outlaws n the 405 as well as Nkp bro.. continue the good work and keeping us informed!!!

  16. They decided to join some real racing not those stupid funny cars nobody can relate to. Like she needs a new car but hey glad to see you’re out on the streets

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