Lizzy Musi vs Kayla Morton at Florida No Prep Kings

Lizzy Musi faces off against Kayla Morton for the first time in no prep. These females are the fastest in no prep and they squared off in the first round of the main race this past Saturday at palm beach international raceway. We also included lizzy musi’s and Kayla Morton’s grudge matches in the video as well. They have been putting a hurting on the boys but this time they faced off. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Kayla would be way down on points if not for all the freebies in first rounds from boosted and how is he in there he hasn’t won a round in forever

  2. Lizzie wins on the track, Kayla Queen of gimme call outs. Do you really think Boosted just can’t figure out the “big” tire deal or is he’s just afraid to stop handing his boss 1st round passes?

  3. The thing that makes them difference is Lizzy has everything given to her from her Daddy.
    And at the same time Kayla builds and fixes everything on her car and engine
    It would be a total different if Lizzy didn’t have e

  4. I would like to see them go up against a real racer like Cha Cha Shirley muldowney and mind she is one of the best women to ever drive a race car she would leave these two bitch’s at the line cause neither of them can drive with Lizzy it’s all money no know how

  5. Kayla has an ass on her but Lizzy is a drop dead gorgeous full package! Oh and she’s fast as hell lmao unbelievable how beautiful she is. Don’t get how a goofy lookin guy like kye gets that…. one of life’s mysteries

    I’d love to give her the stinky pinky lol

  6. I know this Kyla only from street outlaws show. There she always talk a lot before a race and cry after. But lizzy is fucking deam hot fast or not

  7. OK, I love the videos, but 1 question. WHY so many people around the staging & starting line? I'm surprised the track doesn't limit them for insurance reasons!

  8. I wonder how much money in nitrous the musi team an kye kelly purge out each year??? I literally see $ signs squirting out the hood each time they stage lol

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