Lizzy Musi vs Boosted Ego at Route 66 No Prep Kings

Lizzy Musi in the aftershock had a couple of grudge matches that included bird brothers and stinky pinky disco dean. After these two grudge matches she advanced to the first round where she raced boosted ego in the twin turbo camaro. The run was interesting and what do you all think? Should have it been a re run? Did the starter give enough time?


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  1. I can say that was BS. I do no prep and every track I go to u have a commitment line. Anything before that line u have 2 min to be ready and after that its the track officials call on time so the other racer doesn't get burned down waiting.

  2. is that shit they Always say after yoiu do a burnout means youre ready to race wtf and on re runs why dindt they have megladon and fireball rerun last year when both redlid or kye kelly when the light jump on green and then goes to red wtf and why cant birdman use his tt setup and its weird people say kaylas car is extended for the pro charger daddy dave used a pro charger he dindt extend the fron to fit the pro charger because he said it wil be a pro mod the rules on no prep kings are kinda fishy to me

  3. Lizzy got screwed! If your junk is leaking, you're done! Lizzy backed up, waited and was told by the starter to stage. There are no do overs in the NHRA. If you can't make the call because your car has a issue, too bad! SHE GOT SCREWED!

  4. If youre car oils doen the starting line youre done.Sure is helpful the guy making the call is a 405 guy too.They need a neutral "racemaster" with people bringing 6 digit programs to compete its bullshit to screw somebody like that especially a stable in door car racing like the Musi's.

  5. Once the decision was made to send her….the race was over. That's the officials fault for not giving enough time or not knowing the rules. Total chicken sht move on the other side….talk about sour grapes. Hope they enjoyed that win…wasn't earned!

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