Listen to the how, what, and why Larry built the Cadillac

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  1. Bout time to change the power adder and try a new setup. We know the giant single turbos aren’t having any success in NPK from the results of NPK seasons 3 & 4. So I say throw a procharger on the front of that thing and it will fly I believe! But twin turbos may get some weight breaks next season so that may be the way to get back to the top. Sure they’re gonna help all the twin turbos guys after they got dominated for the most part this past season. But single turbos just hasn’t proven to be much of a threat in NPK. You know this already! Beautiful car tho.

  2. As the owner of a ctsV…. you make me want to buy an atsV and put my LSA in it, being im in the middle of putting the 427 in the V

  3. Best looking car in No Prep if u ask me, it's a gorgeous car. Justin's Lexus is a beautiful car as well. I just like the different car, like u said everyone has a Nova, Mustang, Corvette or Camaro. Good luck to you in your upcoming adventures with the car

  4. The guys that made the carbon pieces for Justin's car could probably make carbon pieces for yours but I like the fact that technically your car is even a street/strip car and with a fuel change you'd have no problem driving it on the streets

  5. Hey bust your chops because the C10 did mot look STOCK APPEARING, that being said were are the TAIL LIGHTS / HEAD LIGHTS on J.S. CAR! Now i know why i always like you. Keep the videos coming

  6. Nice car. You are one of the few that build the car chassis and body. Do you think the shorter wheel base is a detriment in regards to track stability. Seems to me the shorter, narrower cars, even if they are light, are hard to control and keep consistent.

  7. Larry I like Cadillac my uncle had a few & liked your truck & you! Cadillac a Gm brand & engine and turbo close to what pro-chagers are running i under stand it driven a different way! but your setup could run with them! when tuned right! I with blood clots & blood thinner it not good to race or be put in a crash problem happening but working on something is able to now! in 1984 i left racing( i had a blood illness unknown & when i went home my relation all were died my mom and dad did too) the uncle that had Cadillac's had a illness and got better you never guess blood cancer – it changed to blood clots because of the tests he was in blood thinner! it controls the clots no one put it to gather till me! I told Yates a ford team owner & a man tied to henrick GM & one or 2 people they asked me to get paid for advice I told one i need a cup of coffee he asked why I told him i still sick why its a unknown blood illness! he said ok! to me I not gonna have a man or boss find me dead in my bed! like my relations all were checked no reason given! till I knew what and why it happen on the same day & how too! my uncles records! medical stuff!

  8. you should get best engineered if there was such a thing in my opinion. Super trick how the front clip comes off. Love the exhaust! I just wonder if the hot exhaust over the roof effects the aerodynamics? Hope to hear why there is bad blood with you in lutz. Just curious you guys are 2 great minds. Hope to see you in the winners circle soon.

  9. By the far the best looking car in NPK! I remember reading about the Caddy right after it was built and I was amazed. The factory panel, stock look is ridiculously bad ass on this car. Well done sir!

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