Larry's story on the Chevy S-10

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  1. You are Awesome Larry Take that RECORD away MATE You are The TRUE Drag Week LEGEND Love Your VIDS should've done this ages ago Bob Tynan who worked for you his Dad Chris was a Legend in New Zealand Drag racer Plus Built dragCars too TYNAN RACE CARS

  2. One of the few cars that can be changed up easily to drive on road and it’s not allowed in no prep as they want a more stock locking thing, what a joke. Love the engineering in this truck, great work on it

  3. YESSSS!!! BOY DID I LOVE WHAT LARRY SAID AT THE END ABOUT DRAG WEEK!!!! Larry we will be cheering for you buddy… man we love that truck…

  4. I would love to see the S-10 re-set the record and win Drag Week again. If Larry decides to do it, it will happen. Remember the trucks debut Drag Week? Had electrical gremlins, but ran a 5.95/244 at Vegas to "display it's capability". Do not underestimate Larry Larson.

  5. Larry, been a fan and follower for many many years. Love the truck but my favorite of yours is the Chevy II, that drag week car is my absolute favorite of yours. Wish we got to see more of it. Best of luck in all your future endeavors going forward. You are a real legend for real. 💯
    Thanks for everything you share.

  6. I cannot wait to see this thing rip at Drag Week again!!! It was an honor to meet such a humble guy when you won the no prep race at Evadale, Tx. Keep on kicking ass!

  7. I remember when I was getting into drag racing about 5 yearsp ago and he had the s10 out at heartland park and let me and my buddy look all around the s10 because we were building and testing ours at the same time.
    Larry and his crew was full of hospitality and left me with a great memory that’s still with me today🤟

  8. Always been a fan of Larry and his cars. I've never had the chance to see them in person , so this tour of the S10 was really cool! The craftsmanship is amazing ! Would love to see a tour of the Chevy II….one of my all time favorite 66 Nova's that I feel I have grown up with.

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