Larry Larson's Chevy Nova II – Part 2

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  1. can't wait for this content… honestly I don't watch as much "car" content as motorcycles.
    Larry is a super cool guy. Real Shit from Real MFr's….best part of the video is the stereo system! F-yeah ¡👍🤣🤔🙏💰

  2. Larson would you mind telling me how heavy your rear coil over springs are what lb per inch you run? I’m ordering some for my 62. and it’s all steel and glass as well. The springs that came with my back half kit are way too lite.

  3. When Drag Week came to Virginia Motorsports Park back in 2018, I was so hoping to see that and you Larry. I was there when the new record was set, but as you found out on No Prep Kings, let Tyler Crossnoe prep the track like it was, and that Nova would have loved to have been sent. I believe that car right there could have taken everything you could have given it. But I have always loved that car. Just the transmission alone backs it a total badass. A True Street CAAAAAAAAHHHH. Not some "street outlaw" chrome molly, fiberglass "steel back half" BS Pro Mod.

  4. You demonstrate the meaning of HUMBLE and a man that let's his cars do the talking!! You're what they call OG of street and drag racing whatever comes your way you run with it you don't back down nor bow down you keep your head up and roll with it.Great JOB!!

  5. Really enjoy your channel Keep up the vlogs Whitney more contact with the Chevy 2 you're 1 of the most original racers out there

  6. Glad to see your looking well, Larry and excited there's things in the works for the Nova. Looking forward to some more great passes from that Heavy Chevy!

  7. LARRY STREET LARSON always great to here and see from real life legend thanks for sharing larry please continue to share ur cars and stories Happy holidays my freind

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