Larry Larson's Chevy Nova II – Part 1

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  1. Honestly, I'd say you can thank Kyle and the whole 1320 crew for a lot of your viewers. I first saw you years ago on their Drag Week coverage. I liked what I saw in you back then. You're an ultra driven competitor. No bullshit and drama. You seem like a pretty down to earth regular guy like the rest of us. All of that is appealing to me. THIS right here with what you're doing right now is the reality TV we all want. Keep em coming Larry. Mark my words, you'll have 100k subs before 2022 is over.

  2. Hy I like the caddy is a beautiful build also like old cars so the nova is a nice looking car I like to see you winning more races at no prep sorry if I’m going out of the subject but I’ve been watching drag racing for years and I never heard Before people jump the light to me that’s reaction time and if you’re good at it do it they need to quit crying I understand discovery rules the show but you guys rules the track

  3. Once I seen Larry had a channel I subscribe immediately I’ve been following him since I was in high school in early 2000s in hot rod mag I would like to see some chassis work

  4. I saw this car at the Las Vegas SCSN race the same year Larry & Chad cruised the strip with it. I kept walking past it in the pits and just staring. I got some strange looks from Larry and his wife so I finally got the nerve to say hi. Nicest folks you’d ever meet. A couple of the things I remember that I thought was so cool for a car of this performance level. He kept the steering column stock appearing and it has a stereo! The machine is awesome!

  5. Met you at Cordova at Drag Week 2007 . You were so kind , and talked to my son and I like we were old friends. You're a class act and I wish you all the best !

  6. Hello Larry! A tech question here..
    When running a race BBC on the street, do you typically run a rev kit on it to help keep the lifters in their bore in case of valvetrain failure?

  7. Enjoyed the stories Larry
    Cool little Nova
    I know that area well
    From the 40 a left at Tucumcari NM up the 54 thru Stratford TX n Liberal KS
    To the 35 with regular fuel stops n layovers @Pilot/Flyin' J in Emporia on over to
    OLawthe KS🤔
    Or Harrisonville MO
    Sure enjoy what you guys do
    Great show
    Great racing
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Team Larson🏁

  8. Shit Larry ur a living legend we want to know it all champ lol, just pickin thanks fer sharing i would like moe videos on ur engineering and build!!!Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Now I know why he laughed when I told him his nova got me back into building cars and it got a bit out of control. He can relate. lol

    My favorite car of all time.

  10. I grew up watching Pat Musi and Tony Christian battling for the fastest street car title. Then HotRod Drag Week came along and followed the battle between Larry, Jeff Lutz, Tom Bailey, and Joe Barry.

  11. I started a huge controversy on the Hot Rod forum because I took exception to Carl Scott’s car being called ‘The fastest street car in America” and started a thread “Carl Scott’s car is not the fastest street car in America” because it wasn’t a street car. Carl’s car was a race car driven on the street. Good times, that thread blew up so big that even Freidburger got involved to defend his definition of street car LOL. Phil’s and Larry’s cars were what I considered “street cars”. Phil had the best average and Larry had the lowest et by far for vehicles that could be reasonably called a street car. Rules started to change after that.

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