Kye Kelley’s New Screw Blown Hemi Setup – No Prep News Episode 78


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  1. Just because pinks and the speed channel were before your time I would not just dismiss it. Back before YouTube and cellphones were big. Those were the only ways for us to watch some grass roots style drag racing if you didn't want to watch NHRA stuff.

  2. Hey sim that was a bit of a shocker no pun Intended ok maybe a little but to her that kye is going away from nos having the goat himself in his side is mind blowing I mean pat musi may not know street but he for sure knows tracks we seen what he did with lizzy's car she was the only racer to beat Ryan 3x . I guess it's going to be a work in progress to get that kind of setup right don't know if k.k. ever driven a screwblower car before he's an awesome racer so we will see as always sim good luck with them finals and let's get them interviews done. God bless keep up the awesome work ttve 👍👍💯💯

  3. Hey sims great video .I would say second day .Npk is gonna be off the hook with all the cars ..its amazing how fast they r getting but u have to wonder if at some point they think they r getting to fast and starting changing rules to slow them down at some point just as we have seen in other motor sports. Ttve

  4. Look at the car Shake and Bake, screw blower – Hemi. Run's really well. I am sure it will take some time to get the bugs worked out. Another great video.

  5. from wiki, Motor Trend is an American sports television network owned by Motor Trend Group, a venture of Discovery Inc. and Source Interlink. Speedvision was even earlier than speed.

  6. Looking very sharp n professional !!! We never get enough of your knowledge sharing, personal outlooks,and especially your polite caring for your audience. Can’t wait to see Betty road trip n upgrades episodes !!!!

  7. I personally like to go on Friday’s, you get to see more runs, you can walk through the pits and get autographs and take pictures.

  8. You talk as if you will have smooth sailing after the finals, (I remember those, still glad I'm not studying art history) better enjoy it to the fullest, smooth sailing is hard to achieve after life happens. :-))

  9. I went to route 66 race i dont recall day it was now. I do know you need to prepare yourself for boring daily driver filler in between rounds. It was tough sitting there in 89 degree weather and watching grocery getters go down for 35 plus minutes. It was a good time overall though. My dad and I had a good time and I'm actually on TV! When Kye and company were discussing strategy you can see me in the background with the pontiac hat!

  10. Speed Channel encompassed all forms of motorsports but Pinks was a joke. Lots of sandbagging, full tilt race cars against street cars and the producers telling the racers how they would be handicapped. It was the equivalent of Pilgrim giving Shawn 3 lengths and the hit because Kye beat him by 2 cars with a bigger engine.

  11. Hey Sim Awsome show. Talking about Kye Kelly. Honestly don't know what tho think about Kye. When. I here the name Kye Kelly I automatically think one. Of the top guys out there and the shocker is one of the Fastest cars out there but it is like he always has to result to using trickery or hustling to win. The term big kid comes to mind cause when he wins everything is good but when he loses it seems like he gets mad and throws a temper tantrum and swears up and down that he isn't racing in that kind of event again but he always does. They said he got sick when disappeared at Mega Cash Days but one would think if he got sick once he got better he would have came back if for nothing else but to support and help his girl Lizzy Musi but we never saw him come back.. So I don't know. TTVE Cya next time.

  12. Does anyone know where to contact PRS or Mike f Keane. Or his wife Amanda Keane? He stole 13 thousand dollars from me and has disappeared. I have all receipts proving I paid for my work. His partner John Sadowski, has even threatened me, from everything to towing my car into a forest and sending multiple lawyers at me. None of which he has done. All of which I have proof of. They kept pushing it back and pushing it back, until they disappeared. Then when I found them and retrieved my car, which was in pieces. Mind you I drove it there. Anyways after I retrieved my car, they blocked me on facebook. They have several accounts and phone numbers that are still active, they either do not answer or it is someone else's point of contact now. Police say it's civil. Lawyers won't touch it because it's not profitable. I will not give up on this. My car is in pieces. I used the last of my army severance check and my dad's life insurance to fix this car and have something for my family. But now I have empty pockets. I am not perfect but taking a car to a mechanic and paying what they are asking, should get you what you paid for, right? On top of which my ex wife is telling me she told me so about this company and people. Someone help me please

  13. You 100% need to do to Vlog interview video with @Justinswanstrom about his new car!
    Anyone who follows him knows how unbelievable the new build is! Super unique Lexus with PLR 481x Procharger combo.
    Hes super personable and I guarantee would be stoked to do a video with you!

  14. is JJ DaBoss new car zip tie jeff martins old purple chevy II? And do you think with JJ switching over to the procharger hemi powerplant he’s going to run NPK?

  15. I always go on Saturday, that's when you see who wins the deal! And damn sim, I know your young but have you ever seen the 3 stooges? Maybe you should watch it once, pay attention to Moe.
    Kye won a lot of money during the last season of npk, so I can see him going all in! Him and Lizzy both won a lot of money! And Kye having Lizzy as his ol lady, Kye just wins in my book! Especially looking at Chiefs scary looking new ol lady, who seems a little slow.

  16. Hey sim you mentioned kye having a second engine, murder nova explained a cupple of weeks ago that he also has a complete second engine for npk as he believes the schedule is going to be so tight there will be no time to repair the cars if something was to go wrong.

  17. You also mentioned about having a channel with nothing but car shows of different types. Here in New Zealand discovery as a side channel named discovery Turbo with exactly that. BUT it costs $50 per month to get these channels here. Wish we had access to your discovery plus. Keep it up great job. TTVE . Cheers bro.

  18. You can find episodes of pinks on YouTube Sim, its worth taking a look at, cool seeing the 405 guys at a younger age, speed had a drag racing gameshow called pass time which was cool too, check em out, can find both on YouTube!👍🏻🤘🏻🤙🏻

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