Kye Kelleys New Car For NPK – No Prep News Episode 66

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  1. I think the biggest difference is the distance you are from the camera. You move closer in the room it will be way less noticeable. IMO Great job! Got to stay warm

  2. JJ and his girl show he is going to get one of them hurt bad or even killed cutting up kids car seats to fit the midget in them cars single layer jacket that's it no safety gear what so ever mark it down it's going to happen

  3. I like your video how ever we can get it, hey I'm nothing yet I been doing my YouTube thing for almost a year, I know what you're saying you just want it to look the best for us.
    Ps! I've been watching since day one love your stuff.

  4. Hey sim that is k.k. go to Chassis guy I think he'll be building another camaro i also think he's definitely staying with the nos when you have big daddy mr nos himself at your side you can't go screwblower im just saying. Wherever you feel comfortable is where you can stay besty or in the house im still watching ttve so let's go sim πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―

  5. We'll all know if NPK is going on still in March. I think it's the 23-24 in Virginia. It's the first race of NPK I think. Tuscan is in May on the 21-22 .

  6. Any place you film is fine, we know how cold it can get in Illinois in the winter πŸ₯Ά
    It will be interesting to see what Kye uses for a power adder.

  7. Another Awsome video. No matter what Kye builds he will still only be seeing Ryan Martin's I like NOLA but if they did another team show I would rather see a Black Sheep Mafia or Team Texas Show. Inside or outside both look good to me. Cya next time.

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