Kye Kelley vs Lizzy Musi at Firebird Raceway!

In this video we have kye kelley racing someone familiar to him which is lizzy musi. Both racers have had a really strong showing for the nola team. Kye is running a big musi nitrous assisted Camaro that has been doing great since the season has started. Lizzy Musi runs a big nitrous musi as well in a camaro. Lizzy has gone rounds in every event which puts her in the middle of road in points standing. Lizzy takes on some fast cars during their grudge matches as well. Grudge is a great way for racers to gather data for their ability to run faster during eliminations. Kye races lizzy in a couple of grudge races which you can see how well they do for their big elimination races. Regardless of their grudge races the two are tough to beat and they are part of the nola team as a whole they are really a team to watch all season. Check out the video and see how their cars run on the sketchy track and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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