Kye Kelley Nitrous Clinic Display!!

In this video we have kye kelley who is from the nola team at vmp this past weekend. Kye Kelley is a racer who is the highest in points from his team and they needed a win to stay within striking distance of the championship. Kye Kelley is no stranger to pressure as he has shown time after time he is cool under pressure and performs extremely well. Kye had to do some driving this particular video as he got far in the field. He met up with the bruder brothers who drive a procharged avenger. Bruder is part of the team x and together they have been a team that has had a team mate always being in the finals. This is where Kye seems to do the best and watch the video to see Kye in his element racing for forty thousand dollars. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias:


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  1. Hard to out 60ft a nitrous car! Kyle would be my hero if he would rig up z as small 200 kit on a button and bang it through the motor before rolling into second bulb…come on

  2. sorry that the camera couldn't follow the action in the final and watches KK shut down for five seconds instead of someone hitting the wall at 500ft and 130mph

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