1. And thats why you don't use nitrous. Dumbasses are too lazy to build a turbo car and take the time to tune it correctly. Nope just throw a big engine in there and hook up some nitrous. Then blow your engine up every race. Yay winning.

  2. I don't get the mentality of some of these racers when they refuse to change things up. When what you're doing is not working anymore it's time for a change. Even Daddy Dave came around in the end and switched to pro charger because he got sick of burning up pistons etc.

    Boost is just where it's at these days. Pro chargers have come a long way the last few years, Megaladon and Daddy Dave, amongst others, have proven that. Turbo's is still where it's at though for serious boost imo.

  3. Love Barefoot Ronnie but even if I didn't I would want ANYONE other than that Cheater Kye or better known as Cry Kelley to win HE CHEATED ON HIS PREGNANT WIFE Then left her when the Baby was only a few months old for that dirty slut who should rename her car "TRACK HO" I don't know how he travels with that clan of GOONS Smoke and the Monkeys and has any fans left No Wonder the ratings are down when he is on Street Outlaws I always DVR it just so I can FAST FORWARD through the scenes that have the Monkey Clan Hoping around after Cry Kelly Races

  4. Hey Cry Baby Kelly you should have named your New Car "Karma" It is saying you cheated on your wife and left your baby and now the shocker and the After Shock are both piece of shits and leave you up in smoke every race so now After Shock is named "KARMA"

  5. Seems like alot of haters and concern in the comments lol. Yll will be back to talking shit when he get the car to working. Good stuff by ronnie new car doing justice. Just stating facts that kye aint running right.

  6. A lot of people calling kye Kelly a crybaby. He is no more of a crybaby than fat ass chief or murder Nova. Chief is nothing more than a scam artist. Every season he has a list shake up that seems to always benefit himself lol but at the end of the season he's never number one.

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