Kye Kelley After Shock Nitrous Camaro!!

In this video we have kye kelley who normally drives the shocker camaro. Kye couldn’t get the shocker camaro done in time for the no prep kings big tire event held at the national trail raceway in Hebron, Ohio. Kye borrowed the aftershock camaro and made it fairly far in the whole event. No matter what car kye drives it will be fast. The after shock camaro is a car that the whole crew is very familiar with that big pat musi motor. Kye and his team are doing big things with the nitrous setup as they seem to be fewer and fewer cars running that power adder. Kye is still keeping that nitrous alive going rounds in the video. How many rounds did Kye go? Watch the video and see for yourselves. Also for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I'm confused. I thought Aftershock was (or became) Lizzy's car. Then Kye built Showstopper but sold it soon after building it and was or is maybe building a different car?

  2. Love the content but the beginnings gotta go and that’s the show stopper not after shock……. Other than that love the channel 😂😂

  3. No prep fam on youtube said he bought it back. Hes at the NPK Florida race right now. They also said the procharger deal was off and he was sticking with nitrous. So he will be in Showstopper.

  4. When are you guys going to get passes that will let you get down to where the racers are,when they go down the track.

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