Kaos Corvette in Kaos at Tucson!!

In this video we have eric k. who came to no prep kings as a rookie to the series. Eric K. has slowly been creeping up to the top of the ranks of the points system. Eric then started to win some races and went straight to number one in the points ladder. Coming in to tucson the kaos corvette was primed to continue his onslaught straight to the top. But, the kaos corvette would not have the showing it wanted. The day started with the engine disassembled and looking to just make passes down the track. Then when the car was put back together the kaos corvette started to shine once again getting its stride back. Then the kaos corvette on the next pass got loose and scuff the wall which started a fire in which the kaos corvette suffered major damage. The fire crews came quickly and got eric out and put the fire out quickly. But, the damage had been done already to the car and looks to be the last ride for the season according the kaos corvette’s facebook. To continue the kaos corvettes comeback, go to his facebook page which is the kaosvette . It is one racer and car you don’t want to miss out on. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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