Kamikaze Getting a Handle on the Elco at Idaho No Prep Kings

Kamikaze Chris in the twin turbo El Camino is getting a handle on the new setup as he entered the no prep kings event in Idaho. Kamikaze faced dominator in a grudge match. Then moved on to face dominator & Amarillo Mike in some tough competition. Check out how well he did.

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  1. Hate to see Dominator having trouble, but LOVE seeing the ElCo out there puttin in work! Kamikaze has done a ton of great things to that car. Can't wait to see him get all the bugs worked out and really start kicking some ass.

  2. Kamakaze should consider getting a new car. The elco just doesn't have what it takes to compete with the big boys. I hate saying that because I love the effort he puts in! I just feel like with a more competitive car, he could excel. Seems as though he only wins if the other driver has issues. I still root for him tho!

  3. I love the Elco and jow far it has come from when Flip drove it in the first episodes of Street Outlaws!!! The Elco is bad ass but up until now it seems like it hasnt made the passes we know its capable of!!! But these passes are lookin great i cant wait to see Kamikaze start getting some W's and goin rounds

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