Kallee Mills Rolling at Bradenton Raceway!!

In this video Kallee Mills, the daughter of the radial legend dewayne mills was at bradenton raceway’s no prep event. Kallee Mills entered the big tire class which was a run what ya brung class. Kallee had gone to the finals twice against the texas rattlesnake and fell a little short. This time around kallee was ready to take the win home. But, standing in her way was several fast cars which included the ex megalodon procharged camaro known as twisted metal. Kallee also raced a couple of local big tire cars that are nitrous assisted. When the dust settled Kallee would face off against tim brown’s blown probe in the finals. The race was a close but at the end kallee proved to be too much. Check out the video to see how kallee did and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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