Justin Swanstrom Going Rounds In Team Attack (something broke)

Went To The FINALS At NPK Team Attack Arizona Event! (something broke)

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  1. Idk WTF is up with your ProCharger setup but DAMN Justin it’s getting to the point it’s costing you races. Car looks FAST AS F#€K!!! Hope you get a “W” would love see you on top of the NPK food chain💯💪🏻💪🏻💯

  2. Justin you gettin that bish dialed in. Happy to see you didn’t want to split with lutz because SG shows up to WIN. What a poor sport of him to throw salt in the wound even after he wins knowing you broke. I’m embarrassed for him to be honest. Total d bag energy.

    I’m surprised at how many procharger units you’re going through. They’re too expensive to be going through two a weekend….the people in the comments have spoken, we all want to know what’s going on with that? Maybe you could reach out to PC and see what they have to say and relay that info to us. Are other programs going through units like you are? Just a kick in the balls to have such a fast hot rod all weekend to have that part fail again on the final pass for all the marbles. Couldn’t just hold together for 4 more seconds…Oh well, next time lutz going to get kicked in the mouth

  3. When you run with the big boys it’s parts parts parts and more parts that little Lexus is pulling hard all the way. hahahahahaha. Great job guys

  4. No buddy on lutz’s team including Jeff thought they had anything for prenup!!! So they come ask for some. Then got mad cause you told him kick rocks!!!😂 😂 he knew prenup was getting ready drag dat ass

  5. Let's get the new hemi pro line pro charger setup they said,
    Hell yeah he said
    Months later nothing but fucking regrets lost brain cells broken hearts and broken bank accounts! I hope fans are buying the hell out of his merch for real cause I feel sorry for the kid

  6. Hey brother new cars have kinks. That part ( expensive as it is ) is a kink. At the end of the day it’s kink. I started watching you when you started the build. Can definitely say that with your determination and the crew you got behind you you’ll get it figured out. The other kinks you’ve gotten figured out and now that bitch freakin riiiiiiiiiides!!!! Now you’ve just got another kink so get it figured out or shit idk how long it takes to pull that and put a new one on but if it’s not long what if you ran it, pull an swap, inspect it and see if y’all can noticing anything that way? Idk anything about that shit but if you can take a big problem and knock it down to pieces and find out which piece is goin might make it easier to line out the kink. I’m not a racer but when I think about stuff I think of it like it’s a schematic on a piece of paper.

    If you did the inspection thing, as fast as those are goin out maybe you’ll catch something that’s goin wrong and then y’all can put heads together and find out how to make it better? Just my 2 cents brother 😂🤷‍♂️

    BUT!!!!!! You really need to put a sticker on both doors that says “Don’t be sleepin” cause SON you got the tree down I really wanna know what your average reaction is cause most the races I see you win dead ass on the light 😂😂🤘🤘🤘

  7. Are the other pro charger cars going through 2-3 pro chargers a race ? Seems like something is not right . Can’t imagine everyone would run them if they were breaking like yours . Any chance it’s something to do with the liberty shifting 7 times a run ?

  8. The pro chargers dont seem to hold up worth a shit. As much as those things cost, you shouldnt need 4 of them in the trailer.. Sad.. not only costing you to fix them but costing you race wins and earnings.. not a good look for pro charger.

  9. I would be mad too if I was Justin lutz getting paid to go to races while 🦢 gang out here buying merch to get pro chargers and Justin dumping money out his ass to keep the show going for NPK.

  10. It wasn’t a big pot but you should have split it do what the OG’s do cause as you know…. Parts break! Especially those ragged pro chargers lol but they make hella power when they together

  11. Is there some sort of reason for the Prochargers to keep failing? Just seems like y'all are constantly having issues with them. Do y'all have them maxed out? Maybe that's why?

  12. Damn bro I felt that man old pre nup was rolling man doing her thing that W GON COME and the team really got you there too best of luck fa the next one 👍🏾🙏🏽

  13. Dang man hope yall get get the prochargers thing resolved, but either way she is a ROCKET, and still drove to the next county on the guy who tried taking his time!!!!

  14. Some one at pro charger needs to look at this and see what’s going on fuck who’s fault it is let’s just get it fixed so Justin can get back to winning again

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