Is Team 405 DEAD and What’s The Point of Teams in The First Place?

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  1. Sim, firstly got to say love your channel and the enthusiasm you have for street racing.

    In UK we don’t get NPK anymore, Discovery only list seasons 1 and 2 and none since so forced to following on YouTube etc.

    Love watching the 405 shows as you feel closer to what goes on behind the scenes, the NPK has its place but the seems more focused on the track antics. The team thing seems to be just to make it fair for those who want to “Test” at the track and are not members of one of the bona fide teams.

  2. chuck is the biggest piece of shit for the way he races and represents the 405 ,all he does is runs is big mouth, if you know your car isn't fast enough
    keep the shit on the trailer . the only 405 guy that is any good is Ryan . with that said Lutz , Monza are the other to that dont play games race your cars don't play fkn games if your noty fast enough don"t show up.

  3. One on one the 409 dominates like we see when 409 goes out of town racing when u put a handful of racers against 25+ different racers I can see how someone would think there not as dominate
    You also have to think Ryan Martin has had an amazing year with keeping his car together my honest opinion is if Daddy Dave and Murder Nova had been able to compete in ever race we would see them at the top as well

  4. I believe if Dave wouldn’t have wrecked. He would have been a top contender. Jeff Lutz is coming around. Shawn will be fast next year I believe. Kamikaze I think will be out in the nova again and be fast.

  5. Sim, i live on the east coast of Canada, and yes we have to wait a couple of wks to see the first episode. I am lucky enough to have an android with a app, that gets US tv. I got to watch it live like you all did.

  6. I live in Ireland we have to wait a few months after npk is aired in the USA before it Aires on discovery UK I watch it online a few hours after you watch it love all your videos keep up the too work ttve

  7. #TTVE! Pilgrim is trying to capitalize on the 405 shows success. They have been trying to bring another show to that level and have to piggyback off the 405 to attempt to launch. NPK is great setup for spectators, but these guys need to get back to spending more time on the streets and less at the track. NPK needs to disband of the teams, since all racers are individual. This is not the track version Fastest in America.

  8. Remember, it is TV and what sells is drama. Pilgrim knows this and that's probably why a lot of this stuff hits the air. Like Shawn said during one of his updates on his 187 Customs YouTube channel, away from the lanes the guys usually all get along with each other and generally like each other. Unless you are Jeff Lutz and Larry Larson. Shawn said those two really hate each other and it all goes back to when they competed in Drag Week. Talking about camaraderie, as Shawn said, there is a video on the Fireball Camaro YouTube channel of a bunch of the racers getting together to help a fan fix their RV. Ryan, Disco Dean and some of his guys, Art from Scott Taylors team, Jeff Lutz, Wayne Smozanek all pitched in to help a fan.

    I wonder if Mighty Mouth Chuck doesn't drive most of the hatred for the 405?

    Keep up the great work Simster!

  9. 1 week after it aired in the US,we get it in canada.Thats how it used to be anyway.The 405 needs chief there to be complete.

  10. Teams benefit from being able to share some data. Also up until this season it was easier to call out a broke teammate to get a round win. I think the team attack gives some drivers a chance to run for/win decent money who otherwise aren’t as competitive in the invitational.

  11. I’m in Québec , Canada . I watch the show on the same time as you! But I have a IPTV box. So I thinks I’m watching from the US discovery Chanel haha 😛

  12. Thanks for making this NPK’s interesting! Otherwise I would have probably not turned it back on! 405 started it all and is by far the ones most love watching, including myself. Hoping to see more of the 405 in the Too 5/10 next year along with Chief. TTVE!

  13. The point of the green and go thing is to replicate a flash light start, you move before the light is on is a loss. So that's why the "Jumping" To go 000 your car is moving before the light comes on

  14. Hey sim,
    I kinda had a big comment all set to write, but, you hit on every thing i was going to say. You are the man who is going to go places, your shows are great, all of them and i agree with all our other brothers out there if i wrote it all, it would be like beating a dead horse. I've been real busy so don't always have the time to write or read at the time its put out. But do still read. Thanks for all you do and good luck with school and your busy life. Ttve .much respect.🎃 🤘 ☠

  15. Hey Sim. Here in Ireland 🇮🇪 it could be anywhere up to 12 months later before we see what you guys are seeing in the states and they are extremely sporadic. TTVE.

  16. With regards to testing as a team:
    Before Maple Grove, OKC/405 was testing @ Atco Dragway. That same week team Texas was "booked in" @ Island dragway in Great Meadows N.J. Which if you think about it, is a smart way to test. Get paid, sell shirts an stuff, and " test".
    I'm sure it happens other places too.

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