Is Big Chief Racing In NPK – No Prep News Episode 82

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  1. You hit the nail on the head, Chief is a big street guy I don’t think he follows the organize racing schedule, I don’t think he has enough parts and pieces to run the whole schedule, unfortunately while he was not running all the other guys were and of course they were making money off the TV. I would love to see big chief build a brand new car and have somebody build them a bad ass Buick what’s a spare so he could compete at every race. I love the video where they were talking about Jack’s new car and yes that is the engine out of the winning fireball and the spare he has is out of the gray car, so he stepped up with extra parts should be able to run the whole season.

  2. All the names u said have all built new cars for npk as much as I like chief I don't think he can run with all these new cars on a consistent basis to be competitive at npk as fast as these new cars are ..not only the 405 guys but other people like kye, Lindsey ,Scott, ax man just to name a few .I maybe right maybe wrong just my opinion. TTVE

  3. I'm going on a limb. Chief will race in Colorado to defend his win there. I hope he does race at Tuscon Arizona. I think with only having 1 car and only 1 engine that we know of it would be crazy for him to race all the races. Most of the top racers have ether 2 engines or a second car. Chuck has a moon roof on the new car and all of Ryan's tunes for the engine combination. I think it will be a great season for NPK. I think Ryan will be the favorite but I wouldn't count out Chuck or daddy Dave. Might even throw in Lutz.

  4. Chuck bought both the engines from the OG Fireball Camero. The one in Chucks car right now is the one that Ryan won NPK Championship with. The other engine is for a spare.

  5. – I think it should be called “Ryan’s other car” 😄 . . . I did mention it should be called the Grey Ghost a long time ago, but hey, who the hell am I? 😁
    – Heck of a schedule to keep when running pretty much 3/4 of the year, but where there’s racing, Chief might be there. … wearing a Betsy shirt!!!
    Great episode SIM, as always!
    Happy Sunday to All & see y’all tomorrow night.
    God Bless

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  7. Simm, thx for updating us on Big Chief and using my question for the main topic.
    Big shout out to Simm for the great videos and replies to your base. It truly makes us all connected and in tuned!

  8. Hey sim chuck brought Ryan's 481x setup with twin 98mm turbos the other motor is a spare that came from the Grey car that mustang Ryan track down and bought it in Canada the car has some serious racing history behind it he then after having it for awhile raced it here and there he sold it to chuck then lutz ya ya ya it to fit the new engine combo 187 customs had that on there channel great video. As far as chief goes man I would love to see him at npk and win but I'm a realist and B.C. doesn't have the car right now to keep up with all the new cars the have been built strictly for npk the guys have spare everything including a spare car so with that being said I mean I love big chief but it's like David vs Goliath but if them boys are

  9. Sorry sim my fat fingers hit send but if them boys are on the streets it's a different story as always sim another great video keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪💪💯💯

  10. He has yet to name the car. He had asked the fans when the car first came out what he should name it. the grey ghost was one of the most top comments. he has stated that he will wait till the first npk race to announce the name of it. I think that big chief will attend npk races. he said last year before it was postponed that he will be attending the races. But like you said, look at his social media pages to see what races he will be at

  11. When they were all @ crossville dragway I asked Ryan Martin if they had a name yet for the new car & he said not yet it be nice to see chief in more NPK

  12. Chief needs a NPK car. He is getting left behind even on the street guys have better power combos hard for him to compete . Most people running hemis and 481x eventually you don't evolve too you get left behind.

  13. Guy I would watch your Channel but it’s like listening to Ben Shapiro !! I’m sure your a great guy but stay off the energy drinks!! And your videos kinda suck ! I mean are you on the production team or something!!

  14. Chuck didn't get the complete setup. Ryan hung onto his Precision Turbos, Chuck is running a pair of Garrett units. I think I remembered hearing 94's. They are definitely not Ryan's though, he made sure to say that several times..

  15. Great video buddy! IMO it doesn’t matter what Chief does, I will watch whatever he does. I think it comes down to, he knows his value. If NPK paid him specifically more, he would probably do it. He loves to race, but it has to make sense for him.

  16. It’s the. 187 customs video that titled shop talk with Ryan and Chuck. It’s a really good video and you learn a lot about Chuck’s new car

  17. Why is Big Chief so low key lately? Like everyone else from the 405 they all been showing of their shops, talking about what’s going on and where their gonna be but you don’t see Chief posting too much. Wonder why

  18. Well that sucks I watch all street outlaw platforms to see Big Chief race. Damn, Damn, Damn. To me NPK isn’t all that without the Street Outlaw fonder, yes I said STREET OUTLAW wouldn’t be what it is without Big Chief. First two seasons of NPK without Chief was good but not GREAT without the GOAT of Street Outlaws.

  19. This is not a put down in any way but… I simply don’t think Chief has the money to go week to week. It seems as if he has to keep his repair shop going to make ends meet.
    He’s an interesting personality that’s for sure.
    Nice work Sim

  20. Honesty I don’t chiefs car has what it takes anymore to compete in npk. So I think he’s just saving time and money. The best that I know of that her ran with his car npk legal was 3.99 @188. He’s gonna have a hard time competing with Ryan, Shawn, Lutz etc who have all been mid to low 3.80s

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