INSANE COMEBACK! The Old Man Races the S10 at The Cash Out!


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  1. I you gonna go the "mack" route daddy mak sounds damn good . you a good man and all good men get that dad vision we/they just know it is what it is love watching yall can't wait to do this with my son one day

  2. Thé circuit is idem the circuit in france no grippe is the problème pour faire one bon timing m'y el camino is the 10 s 8 the 400 M is stok suspensions stok chassis is big problème pour faire one bon timing sorie no speak english juste litul sorie sir

  3. Tommy is normal the perdu contre the nissan is one système the 4 roue directrice the cars is impossible the faire the drift just ci c est mouiller aux sol elle a un greap the folie Nissan a sortie cette cars because one cars pour pas pouvoir faire du drift one système the greap 4 roue directrice il y a deux systèmes the direction

  4. I'm sure its in the rules but them big blocks of weight should not be allowed. It takes all the challenge out and defeats the purpose of these races. Just my 2 cents

  5. Ahhh!!!! So excited I got my merch!!!! And I must say I love my og hoodie, t shirt, wrist band, and stickers😁😁👍 most of all love the hoodie though, I've never had this brand but it is definitely high quality and so comfy/warm. I love it, thank u guys and happy Thanksgiving🦃I will for sure purchase more in the future. 💯💪SRC TO THE TOP

  6. Man, with a surface this bad, seems like you could only go faster by locking the front end out near max travel and adding as much weight hanging off the rear bumper as you reasonably could. Power to weight isn't worth a damn if that power can't make its way to the ground and that's one thing weight can be good for – just look at all of those Bonneville/Land Speed racers, those cars will weigh 5000lbs+ just to get some kind of traction on those lake beds.


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