I have been kicking the idea around and talked about it a little bit here and there! Well it is finally time to introduce you to our new podcast. SWAN TALK will bring you content from Fantasy to Life to Parties to Racing.

We will be bringing on special guest soon and can not wait to share the content with yall! thank you for the continue support and i cant wait to see this deal get HUGE!!!!

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  1. Are you going to put them out in a standard podcast format or just on YouTube?
    There is a huge market in audio podcasts for the people that work every day. And need something to listen to but can't watch videos.
    I know Wes Buck is doing video and just audio.

    iv had my channel for 14 yrs so old school and i can tell ya the inside on HOW I GO OVER THE DATA LOL yer fuck yer ME LOL

  3. Man you should also upload audio to anchor podcast it will distribute it to Google cast, Apple podcast, Spotify and like 6 others you can have ads or make a subscription price even accept donations. I did my podcast on there and got listeners all over the world fast.

  4. Big Big fan here … Hey you're starting tonight or what's up with the Monday vid ???.. I kinda look forward to them .. But hey I also understand shit happens …

  5. The beginning of the video is misleading due to the placement and wide angle of the camera. Take a pencil or pen, hold it vertically against your pc screen so the tip is touching the nose of Ryan's car. Slow down playback speed to
    .25 and start when they're staged. You'll see they left together, Justin pulls on him to the 330, then Ryan inches forward and wins by a fender. A lot closer than it looks on the video. A bonus is Justin sounds like he drank a fifth of vodka.

  6. Big fan and content follower Swan gang. You have a great racing team man. When I lived in Charlotte I was on a NASCAR racing team. It's all about teamwork and everybody pulling together. I live in Atlanta now retired from Cooper Lighting Eaton Corporation. Congratulations on a third-place finish in no prep Kings. You have a bright future. Robert from Atlanta

  7. Hey Justin congrats on the podcast maybe try to get sim on there you were on his channel and it was awesome. Good luck and as always keep up the awesome work let's go πŸ’ͺ πŸ’―

  8. Hell yeah bro the audio is awesome I mean that's the one of the first things I noticed right off the bat. You're a smart dude you keep making it better and better, people that learn from their mistakes always progresses

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