HUGE New Competitor for NPK – No Prep News Episode 69


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  1. Great video, thanks for the shout out, Ryan Martins new car is definitely pro charged and I believe he said it was going to be a Hemi, don’t quote me but I think that’s what he said on a video. Your still the best.

  2. Awsome video as usual. I think they will have NPK in some compacity. I can't help but wonder if they are gonna blow us all away and have it live on Discovery channel cause if you go to Ryan Martin's website and look at his schedule it has dates says No Prep King's then Discovery channel. Instead of track and location like it's gonna be on Discovery channel. TTVE Cya next time.

  3. I had tickets to the Epping NH race for last year. They offered a refund cause of covid, which I took. Little did I know, they were going to short me $40 plus, I wouldn't have taken the refund.

  4. If certain states won't allow fans why not move the races to states that will allow them. If Florida and Texas get multiple races so be it at least we will have the races

  5. Everyone with 2 cars is probably getting both cars ready and taking both to NPK and hitting some street races in between traveling to NPK events maybe?

  6. I think the big reason so many are building sixth gen Camaro's with similar power adders to Ryan's car goes to what Dave said during boosted's stream. The procharger cars are getting breaks because Ryan is on the rules committee, im sure aero is a factor, and both fifth and sixth gen Camaro's were designed from factory with a very high horizon line in them so fitting a very tall big tire has to be easier than other cars. It just makes sense to build a car thats as competitive as possible, and if Ryan is campaigning a new camaro with a procharger he can't change the rules without giving kye Kelley and Scott Taylor the same edge or disadvantage he would get from a rules change. Seems like a good way to keep Ryan honest.

  7. Scott having a Jimmy Rector Hemi in that new car he is going to be hard to beat. Those of you who don't know who Jimmy is he is a Top Alcohol Funny car legend.

  8. The penalties for vehicle weights in NPKs racing: would this not be a HUGE advantage to Lizzy Musi & Kayla, who easily weigh a "lockup transmission" penalty (100lbs) less than Ryan Martin, Big Chief, etc.? What do you reckon that counts for on the timesheet? A tenth? More?

  9. S'up Sim & fellow SRT Nation. Passing on some NPK news, I just got notified the 1st NPK race of the season at VMP in Va is officially postponed due to the 'Rona till 8/27-8/28. Tickets are good for the revised dates.

  10. Got some bad news today about NPK. The first race in virginia has been postponed from March to the last week August . Now let's see if they start changing more of the dates

  11. Great job on the video. I think Camaros are some awesome cars whether its a first gen or a sixth gen. Do you think street outlaws NOLA will ever come back to TV or is it done for good? Just a thought i had. Keep up the great work. #ttve

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