HUGE Changes to How We See Street Outlaws On TV – Street Race Talk Episode 304

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  2. More out of town races would be good to see
    The 4hr show with NPK and Team Attack races kind of sucks it clashes. They should show NPK one night and Team Attack on a different day to keep it from being confusing

  3. Awesome TTVE Sim man…I am loving this. been busy on Mondays with a Mental Health workshop at my church. Still get all my news from the man with all the news SIMABCXYZ Man

  4. Seems the mso crew has fallen apart molly and her dad arnt with em anymore and neither is Hercules or jjs son. They got some to fill the spots but won't ever be the same especially with the stigma that came with some of the things that came out about jj and the show. Just my 2 cents. Great show as always 👏 👍 👌

  5. I think that this Tuesday night NPK might be looking at the amount of people watching Monday vs Tuesday because of Monday night football. If they have a big increase in viewers on Tuesday that might become the main night of street outlaws during the football season. And have some lower viewer shows like farm truck and AZN on Monday with the girls show and maybe replays of older shows. Another great video. TTVE.

  6. I really miss the old school out of town vibe from the 405 show and I hope they bring back some form of it. Maybe instead of a 405 list showdown for America's List they could keep an out of town W-L record. Hoping some of the old school guys show back up and make it more competitive again, because its been clear for quite a while that the top of the list is still much faster, so without some other format I feel like we will always see the same few at the top for A.L.. TTVE

  7. Hey sim another great one dude I think we should she plenty of out of town races hopefully them out of town racers will give them 405 boys a run for there money. Man all I know is we have a whole lot of racing to watch so c mon with it the more the merrier if you know what I'm saying 😉 as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  8. I think the 4 hours on Monday’s and Tuesday’s is just gonna be for NPK because there’s so much content now between the main events and the new team attack thing. I could be wrong though. And yeah before the season started on tv, they were advertising it to be on Discovery+ too, but it’s not. I think when Fastest in America 3 starts, maybe the first couple episodes will be 3 hours and then it’ll go down to 2 hours and have the Farmtruck and AZN show after or something else. But yeah after NPK, at least the competition Street Outlaws shows will be 2-3 hours. I can still see there being one hour episodes of OKC in the future, followed by a different show for sure, but I’m not sure what Discovery has in store for other car related shows. Regardless, we’re gonna have a lot of good stuff to watch with NPK on Monday’s and Tuesday’s for now and even though they’re lengthy, I’m enjoying this for now. I really like how informative and enthusiastic you are about the Street Outlaws franchise itself and information you provide as well as the theories and questions you come up with. Also that you’re very animated and full of energy too. You keep the talk entertaining. Keep it up dude, from one Street Outlaws enthusiast to another 😎.

  9. I think they might be doing this back-to-back 4-Hour episodes to hurry up and air all of the NPK races because they have so many shows recorded and ready to go. I also like what you're thinking about testing shows on Tuesdays to see if they will get viewership on Tuesdays also. I think it would be awesome to have back-to-back nights of Street Outlaws type of shows. And on the subject of racing to find out who goes on America's list they could use their record from the out-of-town races. The top 5 Racers with the best out of town race record go on to race on America's list representing the 405 possibly.

  10. I think the 4 hrs is to much at 10 I half to go to bed bc I get up at 2 am to go to work so a 2 hr show would be cool I would watch Street Outlaws every single day if it was on great episode Sim TTVE

  11. There is not enough days in the year merch sales at non public races or Npk .. so the guys will follow the money … for what ever reason or many reasons big chief is just not that popular Evan in his own circles I think …

  12. Chip draw is the only fair thing to do. Call out (ducks) is not right, like cherry pickin. Isn't there a second Stude out there with Scott Palmer from NHRA ? Keep putting in the work son.

  13. First of all. I want to thank you for repeatedly saying "I think". That is so very rare on YouTube channels. That being said, I really don't care what you think. I only clicked on this video was to see what "HUGE" changes actually are coming. But, again. I honestly thank you for having the balls to keep saying "I think"! It is the norm IMO to see folks stating their opinion(s) as factual information. i.e. Videos entitled things like "the mistakes every muscle car owners make" then just stating things that are their opinions.

  14. When we saw kamikaze in Cordova at NPK he said that he was not working on the vette , he was in fact rebuilding the el camino. We high fived and i told him that the el camino was my all tine favorite car , he said “me too” what a great guy , he was down to earth and very gracious

  15. On the episode where they had the American muscle versus the imports the one race I really wanted to see was with the Toyota supra however it died at the line does anybody know where I can see that car run I don’t know who owns it I don’t know what the car is called

  16. Street outlaws will go back to small tire racing. There is too much money going on in these small tire races. You have this big small tire race in Crossville. And the promotors said no street outlaws are allowed. They want the small tire guys who are out there every weekend. Not just when there is a 250,000$ race. Dig or die has a big payout. So I wouldn't be surprised if some of them started doing alot more small tire stuff so they have a chance at these races

  17. I know this isn’t about that but they all kill me with whining of the damn light jumping that is part of racing is the light if not why do they even have your reaction time makes most sense of crying whining I’ve never heard the crying like this over a light man up it’s part of it u don’t like try to cut your own damn light please even when u guess you got 50/50 shot being red so stop whining good God and I’m good if they’d come on every night because it’s about the only sports show that hasn’t brought politics in it sport is sports not politics politicking it’s sad when street outlaws has more spectators than Nascar sad but true

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