HPL Harry Hruska's Twin Turbo Camaro No Prep Kings Wins!

HPL Harry Hruska’s twin turbo Camaro arrived at route 66 no prep kings and entered the outlaw big tire class. There are three big tire classes at every no prep kings event. The invitational, Future Street Outlaws, and Outlaw Big Tire. The outlaw big tire is a run what ya brung class and there was no shortage of fast opponents at this particular event.
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  1. Harrys car is a True untamed beast. The thing wheels up to half track at almost every NHRA promod event. So powerful its been call scary by pro drivers.

  2. That's a dam pro model what the fuck I can tell just by looking at it it's all fiberglass he should not be able to race that car here thay would not let what's his name race and so u go let this guy in what the fuck u change the rules again

  3. Bullshit the pro mod should have been able to win that money thay would not let Alex's race his but yet u guys go and let this guy in and he wins that's just telling me one street out guys are are just scared alixs would take there money how dose feel guys you just got ur asses beat by pro mod now let alixs have his chance to get in on two gurge races pussys

  4. I like those cars I have drag raced a lot of my life build cars not time to do all build I need a Chrissie that would fit a 1w0 inch wheel base 67 ford maybe one that has been used and put aside number 9124865319 in savannah ga name Jerry Deal thanks a lot

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