Hanging out with Lizzy and Kye at NPK Tulsa

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  1. You sure wouldn’t have to call me twice to come over and slay a deer. Killed all my deer with a bow but not opposed to a gun! However you hunt is awesome. Nothing like the thrill of the hunt then grilling what you kill!

  2. When do you think you will start work on trans am overhaul?
    Be sure to post video when you do.
    Good luck with NPK this year🏁💰🇺🇸

  3. Let’s gooooooo! Monza is the man, if monza were president it’d be law to own a race car, a shot gun, a rifle, and a 4×4! America would be the greatest under president monza! Remember kids, LETS GO BRANDON!!!!

  4. Lizzy an Kye, Jackie and Justin are funny couples. Bobby needs to get his own channel going. Better gaurd that pony tail Monza!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  5. Some bad ass bow ties between them 3. The Sinister Split Bumper, The Shocker, The Show Stopper, And Bonnie. All they need is a 4 th gen and they’d have every generation of Camaro.

  6. Hey Manza . Here in NE in NJ striper season is coming. I fish out of shark River Inlet. With my boat … Lov to have iboard. We crushed it every season. DM me . . End of oct. – nov. is crazy.

  7. Monza just wanted to see Lizzy walking from behind.
    Lizzy is hands down the most beautiful woman in the freakin world

  8. I thought I had a big engine with my new Musi 555 ci engine I bought last week.
    The little 555 Musi engine actually made 86 hp extra hp over the 676 it was said to make.

  9. can anyone tell me what a 455 oles motor is worth ,i just got a 59 apache truck with one in it , complete motor , been sitting , i turned it about 6 years ago not sure if it turns now , going to sell motor to help rebuild truck , thank you


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