Hanging out with Fans in Texas. (We had technical difficulties. We know the audio sucks!)

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  1. You and Brandon are badass, I can't wait to see you guys kicking ass on the street and NPK. Much love and respect to you and your family ✌️

  2. Excellent! Thanks Team Monza!
    Oh, and Name the new car the Che-Belle!
    Gonna be gorgeous!
    Kick Ass & God Bless

  3. This is the crowd that Im the most comfortable around where you can smoke a cigarette and make a harmless joke and everybody can laugh and have a good time. In todays fukt up world you do that shit outside those fences and people will be protesting your ass…. sad

  4. Why does it take so long for you guys to get these simple video's out?? They don't have a ton of editing, some if any and they are always like 2 races behind??? The season is over and we just now have Texas??

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