Hanging Out With Chief and Jackie! Testing The Crow

This one is special, hope y’all enjoy. I learned so much from Chief while in Oklahoma City and I couldn’t possibly capture everything while taking in all the knowledge and advice, but I hope y’all enjoy what I did catch on video. I’m glad to call Chief and Jackie my friends!

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  1. On my wife’s phone but man I sure hope this means Billy’s gonna b filming for chief for the 405 show behind the scenes cause that would b bad ass. Anyways that was a great video

  2. Billy this was An Awesome video it was neat to see that side of Big Chief and the more personal side of him and Jackie I'm glad you got to go and spend some time away and learn what you learned and spend time with Big Chief and Jackie and seeing what they have going on and how hard they actually work to get these cars going down the track thanks for the awesome video keep up the great work thanks Big Chief and Jackie

  3. I’ve seen a lot of unnecessary shade thrown on Chief’s name. I think this video should clear up a lot of the haters. Chief is just a good hearted, humble dude who loves what he is doing. Thanks Chief for inviting Billy out.

  4. I love this video..The “homie vibe” at the end was what’s life’s about,Chiefs a big brother in a way..This is exactly what you needed Billy,forget life’s bullshit and move on,you and your family are better off..Chief and Jackie are class A good people

  5. Great of Justin and Jackie to take him in and give Billy a break for a week or so and they don't come no better than big chief and Jackie and Billy ,Tommy Bill and Ms Vickie!! I wish y'all all the best except when, ya grab a lane w me!! Lmao I wish all y'all would come to NC I am only 5 miles from 4 and 95 and have been in the chassis and total drag car mainly big tire cars w my dad since I was 17 officially into business and people if your not out there grabbing the trophies people don't realise who the hell ya are but most of ya know me when I Show up they come my car is doing this mine is doing that and ya gotta help your customers!! Anyways y'all be safe I am glad ya did what ya did w Billy and if I can do Anything my dad has built nothing a pontiac man and builder since the 60's and I think you and he would get along GRRAT chief I have 632 acres and shop y'all come out to NC COMR hang out its a great fucking state and y'all know this is where the good engine builders (I am claiming Butler cuz he's in my neck of the woods Charlie buck, BME CYLNDER HEADS YA KNOW THOSE ON JACKIE'S CARS!! LMAK of,course Allen Johnson , Noonan I am gonna stop now y'all get the damn point fellas!! (I am 4 1/2 hrs from Atlanta ) but really I say fuck Shawns boys he can't do shit w/o them holding his hands not mentioning no names cuz we use a lot of their shitty engines!! Lmao no I don't talk no shit about anyone ya get all that shit one this fucking places anyways!!

  6. Chief and Jackie are incredibly awesome and caring people! I’m glad BTK got to have a little vacation and get invited to such an amazing shop to have fun and learn from the Chief, AKA KOTS!!

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