Hangin Out With Street Outlaws Team Monza, Dominator And Jeff Lutz | Grudgement Day Keystone Raceway

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  1. That was so cool just watching Monza hangout in his car after doing a pass and just casually riding back to his spot. Driving by everyone and everyone’s just thinking “damn that’s a bad ass car”. Must be such a cool feeling

  2. I think his car would look better if it sat lower on the ground like docs did after he changed over to a full race chassis. Just my opinion but wow what a badass fucking Camaro. It's without a doubt my favorite style Camaro!!!! Split bumpers are just mean looking and beautiful cars and that is what Chevy needs to redo again is that style instead of keeping the 1st gen body style and just trying to remake it over and over again, and now it's kinda dumb looking, the new zl1 isn't aerodynamic at all!

  3. I kinda feel a bit sorry for Dominator/Joe. He clearly doesn’t have nearly the support of most every other NPK racer. He also doesn’t have nearly the resources. Running a car at that level takes a s… ton of work and money.

  4. Really nice to see some footage on some of the 405 guys making some passes , looking like Dominator is getting his car tuned in Monza is looking perty good and Lutz's cars are always looks good , Thanks for the video my friend nice job 👍

  5. RDW slowguy405 is Brandon 🤔🤔??? sure sounds like him lol….I used to hangout with him a bit when I was in highschool lol

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