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  1. Man Richards that little black S10 probably my favorite so far that is one cool little truck he bought him a kick-ass truck okay thanks buddy for the video later

  2. Okay another one that purple twin turbo coupe mustang is bad the baddest the coolest and the best kind of guys you could probably ever be around Richard thanks again buddy later y'all beautiful night

  3. Maaaan the chassireaction on the firebird is insane, looks unreal! Hats off to kc maxxx, hell of a car. ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ

  4. Excellent video! Wow, Ryan got his azz dragged in the last 2 races! You beat him that's something to brag about! And the first one pulling the front end way up and still beating him! That's badazz!!! Nitrous baby!

  5. Camaro could have won it all possibly Lol. Cant be running off the competition to top dogs. Should have got the win respectfully. Hope to see it again.

  6. Second time now Ryan Mitchell, whined his way to a win.. That Camaro, had him beat.. Yeah i know about the door coming off, and the rules but he was ahead of that Firebird!!!..

  7. Ryan Mitchel is starting to seem more like cryin' Mitchell. It sure looked like the piece that went into his lane was after the cone.

  8. i Mean come on dude beat him by around a car and Limpy is like did you check the cameras lol.
    Also he got beat by that camaro and cried for a technicality LMAO!

  9. OK video, personally I would like to see a little more editing so not so much in-between runs…..Way to long also…..break it down to a few video's….just saying, don't get upset….peace.

  10. In the rules did he not say โ€œif a part that comes off and make the other let offโ€? Not exactly that but there is no way he had time to let off…

  11. Lol, Ryan is a bad ass racer but Ryan is also quick to complain when something don't go his way. In the drivers meeting I heard "if somthing Flys off your car, and goes into the other lane and causes the other driver to have to slow down your disqualified. They may have happened, especially with all the acting from Ryan coming to a complete stop after the finish line…..but the race was over way before the finish line. Joline put a whoopin on dat ass way before anything came off the car!

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