1. English guy here, I see it’s a blower a lot seem to think they are better down low if I’m watching right. What makes this go so well? As it seems to just hit people on the big end like a sledge hammer.

  2. Awesome job and Congrats! A big fan of your program. So with the motors going for sale, are they lifting the restrictions on the screw blown set ups for NPK? Keep us guessing?

  3. Javi should start doing some marketing.
    "LAT Oils – The Best Shit Around, I think"
    Need a spokesperson? Does your product need a new tag line? Call Javi. πŸ™‚
    j/k, you guys are awesome.

  4. 2 rounds a rod!!!! Daaaammmmnnnn!!!!

    And well done not having to change engines, that shows some serious care on that man. That's good. You should of ran it a bit harder….still though, well done on your win guys!!! I was well chuffed to see you stick it to them again, 2nd year running!

  5. It must be frustrating spending so much money on your car just to have chicken-shit drivers guessing on the light at NPK it's total bullshit!

  6. Love the videos y’all put out. Keep up the great videos and congratulations on back to back NPK Championship wins. Would love to see 187 Customs Murder Nova get some wins. Or win the NPK Championship in seasons 5.

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