Grand Hustled? My take on the $250k and chatting with MAKTv

When a $250,000 purse, turns into 177,000 bucks at the last minute! Hate this happened, but it still was still the biggest purse ever!

Go checkout MakTv on YouTube!!!


  1. These cats from MAK TV and Turbo John are class acts. Dont understand why the promoters didn't just fall on the sword and match the payout to the entries. Best of luck and b safe!

  2. We need more people like this in racing. Everyone needs to feel this way about the sport and it would go far. It's not cheap race and when you work together everyone can succeed no matter where you win or lose.

  3. It's still false advertising!! People paid $1000 entry fee for something that wasn't even available to begin with!!!! Unless they stipulated in their ads that the purse was based on number of entries (cars), then they flat-out lied!! People have ended up in prison for this kind of advertising!!!

    It's called honesty in advertising, and it's a very serious problem in business. You CANNOT advertise for something you DO NOT have to begin with or promise something that you cannot deliver/supply. Why?… because that's what we literally call "lying" to people to entice them into something you already know you cannot supply. That is the law, and it is illegal!

    Now, if their ads stipulated in "fine print" that the payout was solely based on the number of cars in the field at race time, then it would be "acceptable". It might not look cool and be a bit shady, but so long as they stated it was based on number of entries, then they'd be covered, and everyone who showed up paying their $1000 entry fee would also know, that if only 55 cars show up, we are only actually racing for $55,000, and not $250,000!!!

    Now, I'm not sure how this pans out in the "law" with him still stating that you all were racing for $250K at the goddamned drivers meeting… I know I'm paying that $1000 out of my pocket for the chance to win $250K, and NOTHING less!!!! Then we find out after it's all said and done (after the goddamned race is over) that they NEVER had that money to begin with…. well, it's lawyer time for me!!

    Sorry, it's just business, and if they can't perform their business in an above the board fashion, it's time to put an end to it! Because someone in the background is making a lot of cash off my asses hard work, for their own benefit, after lying to me and many others!! Yeah, that's why we have honesty in advertising and business practices!!

  4. I'm only a fan & if I'm walking around the pits I see someone working by themselves on the car & everything I stop & ask if they need any help 99.9% of the time I get told no but I know even just a little bit of help helps when they do say yes

  5. Good job! Going home with some money is better than none! You are one off the coolest guys on YouTube. Love the channel. I love the fact that you will share some info on your car. It helps me alot. I have a 83 four eye. Thanks for the videos on info. Keep it up!

  6. Waiting until the end to disclose the pot was wrong. He should have said at the driver meeting. It doesnโ€™t matter how tough he may have had it, he owed it to the racers before they raced.

  7. Grand Hustle was a Hustle alright, And they 1099 everyone crazy bro. Just the way they went about it wasn't right. Like you said should've been straight up from the start.

  8. Hey John Iโ€™m looking at picking up a set of qa1 mod rear shocks for my fox and was curious what part numbers yours are? Iโ€™ve been following your channel for a long time and see how good these shocks are. Congrats on getting some money you deserve it!

  9. Iโ€™m glad u guys were able to walk away with some cash under the circumstances all of u guys worked hard and I feel like yโ€™all deserve it!!

  10. Great attitude TJ, but it was still a ripoff of magnitude. I see those whining about 1099's and only 1 thing to say about that…Pay your fkn taxes boys!, or the IRS will be hunting down and confiscating all those pretty toys!

    Seriously though, auto sports (and any and every other game of chance in America is treated as legalized gambling by the IRS, you get to write off all your real expenses (even your CPA/ Tax Prep fees, so get and hire a good 1), against your annual winnings.

    Yes you are required to provide correct info for a 1099 for all earnings where withholdings are not taken out in advance, and if they are. And annually at tax prep and filing time, you are personally required to report all earnings, wages, tips, etc, no matter the source with very few exceptions…Legalized gambling winnings such as Racing Winnings are not 1 of those exceptions, then claim all those expenses as losses, then pay the taxes on any balance.

    Fail to do it properly like any other American citizen or other earner and taxpayer in the country, act like an outlaw and the treat you like an outlaw.

    Fail that test every year, and then they treat you like an illegal gambler, and at 250K or even 177K, if no 1099 info is tendered/received, they will add conspiracy charges on top of the tax evasion charges. The promoter would be responsible, and they would lay so much pressure on him, they would get your info quickly.

    They send out the posse of IRS Agents, audit you, confiscate all those phat bank accounts and all those pretty toys, tools, trailers, and all other suspected ill gotten gains. And audit the crap out of anyone involved in the conspiracy. Some may even get new bracelets! And free room and board.

    Then they will auction off all those pretty toys(at 10-30 cents on the dollar), to another street stroker to recover the taxes, wich may even reduce your tax liability a lil' bit.

    So, quit whining about 1099's, and just pay your taxes! Count yourself lucky…You received earnings back, and you get to write off your expenses against the legal gambling winnings.

    Or, face the bloodhounds, because as TJ say's…"It Is, What It Is!"

    Death & Taxes are both unescapable,

  11. YOU GET THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! Love that and nobody taking a knee.
    This Our Country and We Love and Respect it.
    This is what America truly is about, not all that whining and wokeness.
    Just Hard Work, Hard Racing, and Mad Respect.

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