Grand Hustle $250,000 Day 2 Saturday

The biggest payout in NO PREP history is right now, today! In this freezing cold, we have 177 cars battling it out for a huge payday. This race has been hyped and promoted for months, and the baddest of the bad are going to Crossville Dragway to see who is the fastest on a sketchy no prep surface. Lets try to go 8 rounds and get that cash! Grand Hustle, $250,000.00…………That’s a lot of money.

Enter to win at with code Ls Nasty TJ for 10% discount! Last day to enter Nov. 15th.
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  1. John I think you could go any where across the country to a race and there would be fans to help you out brother you are one of those drivers that is loves by the fans and the racers and there's not many that can say that!

  2. Awesome job John you did excellent in this huge lineup of heavy hitters. Your positive attitude made you the winner in my book. The W against the 700ci car was awesome. That little Mustang can run.

  3. Hey John some people are saying the guys running the show kinda did some shady stuff with the payouts ,any truth to that and what’s your opinion on it,sorry u didn’t win I was pulling for you and billy and tommy but there’s always next time ,thanks for the content,at the end of video it shows you holding up cash ,did u win some money? If so great and would you tell how much you did win ? Congrats

  4. Wish I could have made it to Crossville (30 minutes away) but on my birthday Friday the 12, I fell sick at work and was out all weekend..but you were my golden horse from the start..🤙

  5. Hands down best human in no prep racing. Sharing your data with Tommy and talking through it, Great work getting to 5th round with a pick-up crew. I had hoped you’d keep coming up, but glad you got out safely. What a mess, anyway.

  6. Great showing John! Glad to see you and Wes got some green to share, great sportsmanship!
    One of the coldest times I remember was racing at Bristol about this time of year, years and years ago, it actually snowed some. Chipped a tooth on the rear end and attribute it to the cold. I never came out of my firesuit the whole weekend.

  7. Well my 6yr old son got sick Thursday so I wasn't able to make it to the Crossville race to meet you and SRC crew. I was so disappointed I've been looking forward to meeting you for so long and i missed my chance lol but maybe one day I'll be able to we're building a sbc fox body now and we got the chassis from North Carolina and it had TKM stickers all over it

  8. John, I respect your setup and how you run your race program more than any other channel that I watch. It's funny how many guys think that a 427 LS 4" stroked turbo'd monster is the secret recipe, only to continuously go out and blow their tires off…..and never quite understand how the junkyard 5.3L or even 6.0L LS guys do so well. I guess you should be thankful that more people don't follow your lead, as it leaves you 'in the money' more times than not at races. Keep up the great work. You are a role model for anyone watching your videos, whether it be for your tech savy-ness or your gentlemanly approach to racing in general and from what I have seen, ALWAYS offering a pot split and never getting greedy. People really need to quit building big cube strokers for their turbo builds…and not pass a good old short stroke big bore SBC by so easy and jump straight to an LS.

  9. Okay ! Whats the story on the jack burnout? as that would never be allowed at any NHRA track ! when I seen that I thought someone was pranking you!

  10. That right lane was junk,if you had the right lane against Tommy he might have got you,He spun a ton,Grays to you bro,But you cannot race in Tenn in Nov,not like you normally can anyways!!

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