Goodbye Shadow! Stevie Fast & Phil Shuler say Goodbye to The Most Feared Door Car in History

After a Decade of Dominance, Stevie Fast Jackson and Phil Shuler say Goodbye to the Most Feared Door Car in History. The Shadow 2.0 began as an idea, It sparked a movement, and created a passionate following among loyal fans around the globe. Throughout its life, It conjured fear and animosity among its competitors and captured the hearts of the fans. She will be forever missed.


  1. The Shadow was the one and only car to make everyone stand when it appeared at the burnout box. Truly my favorite car, and driver.💪💪

  2. I knew I liked you, but when you quoted Chris LeDoux, I became a real fvcking fan! LeDoux is the king as far as I'm concerned! Not enough people are aware of him and fanboy/fangirl, over Garth Brooks

  3. End of an era! Said the same thing after the original Shadow met it's early demise as well though. I have a feeling there will be another at some point. Looking forward to see where KTR goes from here. Also hope screws can be competitive in NHRA given the current rules package. Good luck and stay safe, Stevie!

  4. That sucks that was the baddest car on the planet in my book hate to see it go won't be the same with out you and that car good luck to you guys with the new set up

  5. You the guy going back and fourth with that mouth breather Justin Swanstrom and his bully wannabe dad of his!?!? Understand you kicked his ass and humbled them few weeks back!! GOOD!! Dont like that boy at all!!

  6. I got a little choked up at the end because I Know that car and seen you drive it one time. I believe all cars have a soul and the connection between man and machine is something that not many people understand. Many blessing to the new car and your team and can’t wait to see the terror that this car is going to bring to the game. 🍻 cheers boys.

  7. Steve you pump me up every time I come to watch you race, my other race car hero was Dale Earnhardt you remind me of him “Refuse to Lose” Glad to be back to the track to watch you and KTR kick ass

    Dennis C

  8. Damn Stevie why did you do this to me you made a tear come out of my eye I will miss that old girl but I bet she will always be a shadow in your eye but your next new car you need to call it the prosecutor

  9. Every time I saw this car at an event I knew that it would be an absolute barn burner of a day at the racetrack for you Stevie..I already miss "The Shadow" !

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