Goliath is Back: Transmission Rebuild & Dyno | Daddy Dave

On this episode I’m taking you on a roadtrip to our friends at M&M Transmissions for a refresh and dyno test to make sure the tranny is at 100% before getting it back in Goliath. We dive into checking out my cylinder heads, pushrods, rockers, installing my transmission and getting the car ready to smash the remaining No Prep Kings “NPK ” events. It’s a lot of hard work, late nights, and long drives to make this all happen, but I want to let you guys in to see first hand!

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  1. Always appreciate your vids and insight brother. I know it's a ton of work but please keep bringing us along for the ride. It's awesome the little things about the parts and how they all assemble to make a race motor. Thanks Dave

  2. Glad your getting your car dialed in and fast , I’m waiting for the Daddy Dave highlights . I’ve seen your passion for racing from the beginning. Thanks for sharing

  3. Always good to see what your up to in the shop Dave, that looked like a lot of work to finish by that morning or even lunch, but as usual you were able to get it done. Thanks for the update and can’t wait to see more coming up soon

  4. Big things ahead of you Dave! You are gonna bust ass next year at npk! You are a top 3 driver in my opinion, I’m picking you to win it all next year. You, Ryan, and Shawn 1..2..3! We are pulling for you

  5. Love the content Dave. Been a tough year for you and Goliath. Looking forward to seeing you at the top of the Top 20 show. You surely have the best looking car on the show IMO.

  6. Still my favourite after a years.. In my opinion the Goliath is the most cleanest and sleekest car out there, not too fancy, not too simple..

  7. Stupid question from someone who do not drag race…..why are you guys still using pushrod engines? Will an overheard cam shaft multivalve engine not be more efficient .In South Africa where I live we don't realy have pushrod engines so I don't understand the thinking ,is it a question of simplicity or do you guys just prefer pushrod…

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