Godzilla vs Wagon Slayer at Bradenton Raceway Florida!!

In this video we have Fabian Bell who is the driver of the Turbo Firebird known as Godzilla. Fabian is no stranger to no prep as he has raced on the streets before and done many no preps. But, this is godzillas first time trying out the car with the big boys on a no prep kings surface rather than a street surface. The street surface is far more slick and harder to get down to Godzilla has some time to stretch its legs out more on the no prep surface. In the video you can see godzilla might have gone to hard as the firebird took off so hard it broke the wheelie bars twice. We also included a couple of other outlaw big tire cars as well with the wagon slayer. The wagon slayer is a heavy del ray wagon but it has a lot of bite. Check out these awesome cars and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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