Galot Motorsports Test N Tune

Galot Motorports park is one of the nicest 1/8 mile dragstrips in the country. This track is super nice from the surface, lighting, grand stands and the tons of paved parking available. No parking in the weeds here! They do weekly test and tunes on Thursday night, and this one was loaded with cars testing for this weekends North v/s South race. Fun times!

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  1. Good to see Matthew make a clean straight hit, he deserves it. Ole Ira hanging those big front tires with the Hot Wheel kit and finally saw the ForVette make a pass. Last time i was at that track it was Dunn/Benson, had like 5 lights, sand mites ate me up, what stands they had was decent at best and the track was a lot narrower with much less shut down and couldnt see what was there without headlights lol. Massive improvements to say the least, good luck on the Radials John as i felt what you meant by “not being ready for the tire shake” but maybe you can get by without rattling too bad lol

  2. Hey John how can one keep there love and motivation of racing a slow mid 12 second car that I love and love doing but it's the other faster racers that are always talking shit and talking about what I built myself it will get faster but it will take a while because I have a new family and we love to just take the car out and have a great day I'm at a point of parking it so I don't have to be stressed out but everything else I enjoy .

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