Fools Gold First Test Drive Ends in Failure! We Broke It

After so much work, I was looking forward to driving the Nova but it ends up being short lived…

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  1. It's best to build it and fix it the right way rather than wadding it up into a wall or the trees. You don't want to start a huge list of work and $$ especially when you are as close as you are to being done. She sounds wicked brother!

  2. What up Matt,? glad you got to drive it ,
    You're manual sterring ,& brakes ?…another thing I wanted to ask you is what kind(brand name) & size front tire do you have ? I like the tread & looks of em ,I'm haveing a hard time finding tires down here in S.C….supply shortage ,im a (im running a 165/80/15) dont really want to buy a true front runner drag tire lot of $ for 2 tires this time of the year anyway with Christmas around the! Plus
    I drive my car on street occasionally, just curious , thanks,!
    You'll get it leaving like a scalded ape in no time,…I hear you mention Delaware from time to time …the state Delaware
    Or ????, the channel, you do a good job with it , stay safe & keep em smokin!!!!

  3. Failure? 🤔 It was the first day testing a new setup, and first time on a mystery motor. The car didn't burn down, it's not waded up, and it still makes oil pressure. I'd call that a smashing success! 🤌

  4. Just Like Bill Sr. said, These cars are NEVER done !! Always tweaking here, fixing this and fixing that, then tweak some more, then this part is about to be worn out. You're doing a good job Matt !! I love that sound of an old big block ! Keep up the good work, and maybee you should find that rear brake issue before you need them and aint got them

  5. Keep going brother can't wait to see her in action when your done she is going to be wicked congrats bro God Bless you and yours

  6. Maiden voyage was a success. You drove it out and back only to find some minor hiccups. That's part of the journey in building a car, you know that. You find a glitch fix it and run it some more. By the time Lucore get it aligned and the rears get checked there won't be any minor stuff to hold you back. You all have a safe trip back to De.

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