FL NPK recap and Chevelle update

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  1. As a dentist, eating pain pills and antibiotics is only a very temporary fix. Although, not a healthy alternative. Go see a dentist bro. B/c the infection will return soon. Love the Chevelle.

  2. Hell Monza. I know your down about a lot of things. Thing about it is though,….. you woke up today. Your family woke up today. You got your health (I hope). Brandon has his health.
    It's all gonna be ok brother. You've got Cameron building my favorite muscle car of all time. That thing is gonna look sinister. Its gonna be a bad MF'r. I know you don't like the Lexus. Now that was a purpose built car. Justin didn't nessicerally love the LFA. It was an idea that almost worked. Now he is having Cameron build him another one. But I think your gonna do well with the Vellelio.

  3. You are awesome Monza Don't worry about the Facebook racers. Who know not Jack about racing!! Good luck with the new build.. love the new car look..

  4. Dude… if I had a gabillion dollars and wanted a car and guy to help me build it, it would be you. My kinda people. Favorite from day one of seeing you on street outlaws. Say what’s on your mind and don’t take crap from nobody! But a good guy besides the fact u can drive a car!!! Respect ✊

  5. Well said Monza the driver can only carry the car so far, has been proven time after time the best drivers in the world need top notch equipment to win. looking forward to seeing progress on the new car. thanks

  6. Monza you and Brandon are gonna do good in both the street and NPK. Can’t wait until the new car is done. Y’all are going to kill it next season.

  7. Monza, your my absolute favorite driver on SO and you have been since I first saw the show nearly 10 years ago. I hope you get that bad ass Chevelle out there on NPK and hurt some feelings next year! One question though, what power plant are you going to run? Staying with TT 481X or are you going pro charger??

  8. That split bumper has always looked show car ready. Huge fan of the show and Monza can drive the shit out of a race car. 🤟🤟🤟

  9. Seems everyone's having a street and a track car now looks like it's the way forward. Thought you would have gone all black with the new car like your other.

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