First Hits With The OG Murder Nova's New Chassis and Procharger Setup!

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We took the OG Murder Nova out to our local track, Thunder Valley, to shake it down with all the new stuff!

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  1. Really like watching you guys but I have to ask why this new car is still being called the
    (OG NOVA) new chassis new motor trans rear end driveshaft shocks only thing og is the skins I would consider this a new car (just saying).

  2. I wonder how straight that chassis was after powdercoat. The welding stresses changed…and so did measurements. Would be interesting to see it back on a jig.

  3. You guys are awesome don’t pay any attention to all those nay sayers I drag race myself not to the level that you guys do we think we are doin good at a 1:10 sixty ft so don’t even listen to the haters again you guys are awesome

  4. Wild shot in the dark. Rear shocks. Seems as soon as it starts to sashay side to side the weight transfer causes it to oscillate. Talking about slowing it down for Americas list just sounds so wrong. At that level of competition one would think you cant have too much speed. Hope you get it sorted soon Everybody wants to see the Murder Nova back at the top of her game.

  5. Well, I've never been mad at you guys, and all I've ever seen is true professional that talk some good shit, make great content, commentary is quite real at all times (appreciated) and some really ass kicking videos and I'v always enjoyed your bravado and moxie and a 187 ballcap to pimp your attitude down in the DC, MD, VA (DMV) would be appreciated and if I need to buy it to show my love for the Murda Fam is where I'm at Big Dawg!!

  6. That thing is rollin!! I like the procharger setup it just fits the car…Maybe bcuz when the Murder Nova made its first appearance on the very first episodes of Street Outhouses it had a Pro-charged big block in it and was introduced to America as the undisputed king of the streets!!

  7. Hey man y'all just keep doing what y'all do if people have a problem with the fact that you changed the car to keep up with the times to progress forward with being competitive means they are intimidated by what the new car is capable of and when you get it locked in y'all are going to do good I hope you finish at number 1 you deserve it more than anyone with the work you guys have done you guys are overdue for success but keep up the good work guys you will get it right MORON NATION is backing y'all go get it….

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