Fireball Camaro at Armageddon No Prep 7!!

In this video we have Ryan Martin who has busy with the no prep kings series was at armageddon seven at thunder valley raceway in noble, oklahoma. Ryan and his team has been working hard to defend his no prep kings title this year but he was looking to do the same at armageddon as well. So Ryan brought out the fireball camaro which is now a prochargered setup and went up the competition list fairly quickly. After every pass Ryan makes the necessary adjustments to get faster on the next pass and so on and so forth. Ryan doesn’t take a break from racing as his team and himself were hard at work trying to win this event. Armageddon is known to bring all the fast cars around and Ryan had his work cut out for himself.
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  1. That woman can cut a tree. Shes gonna be a tough competitor. Great job Ryan. I know youve spent a whole truck load of money on that car over time. Any idea how much that car has won ya over the years? Guestimation on how many runs on the car? Just curious. You have a great race program, and always down to earth,keep it real kind a guy. Looking forward to seeing more of the new car. Peace….

  2. Really enjoyed all camera angles and something we rarely see… What is behind the lines and betting goings on.

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