Finishing the 4×4 Camper Van Frame and Bumpers!

To get 20% off your first box, click here and enter GHPC20 at checkout! The overland camper van is getting so close to the first start! This week we finished the frame, roll cage and rear bumper. We Fabricated the bumper out of one sheet of steel and it is as strong as it looks!

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  1. I wish I could afford to get one of those for my daughter and make it a Barbie car LOL . Something like that then she could really drive back and forth to work that is electric . I'm loving this video LOL ! .

  2. Perhaps a rhino liner applied to bottom portion, following the body lines, will help mask the plastic weld/splice marks and also aid in firming up the pannels a bit.

  3. Regarding the early darkness. I live in Northeastern WA state. Had my family from Arizona over for the holiday. They are now convinced we are all vampire people because it gets so dark so early. Kept asking me, "Where the heck is the sun? Why do you love it here so much? ITS SO DARK". I thought it was funny.

  4. Top notch video per usual! Love the build. I saw one other comment, but I think if you got a hot stapler you wouldn't be disappointed. I bought mine to fix my rzr plastics, I recommend it to anyone with offroad toys, it works amazingly!

  5. Use your glues pieces as a template, cut out new panels from sheet pvc and rivet some wide body kit/flares off something for the wheel well definition. Finish and paint.

  6. fix it with kitty hair and mix a little fiberglass resin in the kitty hair that way you can make it spread easily and it will be so much easier to work with and it will be a hell of strong too!

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