Father First. A video for my boys. (Justin Moore)

When I found out I was going to be a father, I thought my world just came to an end. But it was only the beginning.

I was determined to raise the best boys I possibly could. Honest, hard workers. I would do my best to teach them not to make the same mistakes I did. That’s what a friend would do.

But in order to be a friend, a real friend, I have to be their father FIRST. I have to teach them about work ethic. Being on time. Being honest. Standing your ground. Working when you really don’t feel like it. This put me at odds with my boys many times. It’s put me at odds with their friends, girl friends, and even my wife at times.

People can say what they want about me, my wife and I have raised damn good boys.


  1. Awesome bill, thanx 4 sharing, no matter what parents feel they could've done better, kids don't come with instruction manuals, its our kids, we never feel we did enough

  2. The best video yet my friend just love my three sons also we as parents can only do what we think is right for our children no one perfect buddy.

  3. Great one. Hey on that Dodge you might want to check if your oil has zinc in it if not you might want to buy some zinc additive for it because it really help because of the flat tap pit cams. It really helps them last. Happy Holidays.

  4. Mr Bill, you are a great man and someone a young father like myself can look up to. Family first and that's always number one!! I have nothing but respect for you and your family. Thank you for giving me the time Saturday night to talk with you one on one. It meant as much to me and I believe it did to you! Thank you to Mrs Vickie for letting me park at yalls trailer, and thank you as well as Billy for allowing me to get a little personal but worth comforting words. I wish yall nothing but the best and offer nothing but love. Thank you, Robbie.

  5. I started watching your channel for it's information and you being just down to earth. I like watching your boys race and see them coming into their own. I guess I'm just to old for the younger crowd, because I have a hard time watching some of the kids videos it's mostly the music I don't care for, and definitely the lyrics. If it's working for them more power to them. I hope they are successful with their racing and channels. I just would like more video from you ,no flash or hype no rap or fancy production just no nonsense video of racing and information, with some dogs and Mrs. Vicki thrown in the mix.
    Your videos and approach are the reason I started watching the channel and to root for "The Kid". Now Tommy and the Falcon also. I hope and look forward to more content from The Old Man.
    Thanks and God bless and watch after you all. From an older man. Lol

  6. Instruction manual hell, it isn't even like tuning a carburetor, there is no such thing as a sweet spot, or a jet kit or power valve made, and no dyno tune pull or plug read that tells you, exactly when you got it all exactly right in raising children. So far so good Mr. and Mrs. H!

    It is all trial and error and putting all the extremely hard work in, for the building of great memories, and we just hope we live long enough to each put together a few of these great feel good sweet moments, without going through the real sorrow of putting together a final tribute. We were designed to have them outlive us, and leave them better off…not the other way around.

    Well done Bill! Ignore the rare troll below brother, as they are far and few, and there is always an arsehole in the crowd trying to yank your chain.

    Feel the need to add in 1 bit of advise from someone a few years older (ok 18 older), though Dad (Billy is going to be gaining wings and is going to fly in the Nova when it is finished), and every time he pulls out that plasma cutter I cringe badly, as I care for the safety of your boys as I do my own 3. Just my 2 cents here, once he gets those upper A arms opened up for shocks and spring clearance just how he wants them, sneak in with Rob, pull em off…and send em out to a great fabricator and have them fab up a very strong pair and gift em to him, then give him the choices of which pair to use in the final build.

    When he rockets in the air with the Nova like he did with the S10 (you know it is bound to happen at least once), and as long as he is straight, he will not lift if money and the win is on the line. He will be glad you gave him a stronger choice when it comes down hard. Or, he will have a backup choice pair to throw on…Just sayin.

  7. Honestly this hit me hard, as my dad passed almost year and half ago he was the entire reason I got into cars, just kills me he won’t be there to watch any races or able to support me anymore as he was my whole support system

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