FAST Semi Trucks INVADED the Texas Half Mile Event!

This was a new experience for us! 14 Semi trucks showed up to race and put on a show at this years Texas Half Mile, presented by Shift Sector. These are all “workin trucks”, which means they are hauling loads every single day of the year. That doesn’t stop these supped up monsters from going balls to the wall down the half mile though!

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  1. Is it going to be my favorite video and 1320 only because I drive semi trucks and have mine tune to 680 hp these guys have double the amount hope 1320 videotapes more semi trucks these things move from my experience

  2. At 32:08🤦 two people running off the track. Their luck will run out if that's how they're going to run the show. Slip and fall and a driver doesn't see it and it's curtains for him.

  3. what is this stupid thing with the maximum pollution of the environment? I don't get this moronity. The trucks are great to watch, if there wasn't this childish pollution.
    In China only a few years, that was the standard on cheap trucks and everywhere you went the air was poisonous. Now there is technology that can prevent that shit and people make it bigger on purpose. Plain stupid.

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