Farm Truck & AZN Daily Driver/ Outlaw Street Duels 2021 Wagler Fall Nationals.

FNA Daily Driver/Outlaw Street Duels from the 2021 Wagler Fall Nationals.

#fna405 #farmtruckazn


  1. Hi guys at BDM, many people around the globe enjoy your unique kind of Motorsport and Argentina is no exception, so I must say that personally I'm fanatic on NHRA and NASCAR for example.
    Unfortunately Toyota is about to land in our main category, TURISMO CARRETERA (even eager than NASCAR…..) ,but our cars are the same from the 70's, so…….I'm a narrow minded old school die hard fan, so I think how a lot you can miss the old good brands such a Pontiac, Chrysler and more….
    OK, enough, saludos🇦🇷!

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