Double Duty at Maple Grove No Prep Kings!

Check this out as we run both cars at one event and win 2 Different classes!

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  1. Luv the behind the scenes….no chance I get to see, hear or learn about any of this otherwise. It's like the coolest non VIP…..VIP tour and it's just awesome

  2. If I had a car and was planning on racing in this race and walked up on both of the fireball Camaros I'd turn around and put my shit back on the trailer and go be a spectator!!

  3. Why isn't Birdman doing the NPK thing?? They probably figured since it's on TV that viewers would get bored watching the same car winning all the time!!

  4. whats with the cam views? you dont show them when firballs loses? wtf is going on this is the worst video ive seen in a while… wont come back and watch for sure…

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