Dominator's Updated Dodge Dart!!!

In this video we have dominator who didnt make the first two npk events because he was thrasahing to finish up his car. What is new with dominator’s dodge dart? Several changes made to the suspension to make it more competitive in no prep along with a hemi motor. The updates are soon to make an impact in no prep but dominator was working on the car till the last the second before racing it. The car didn’t perform well but a lot of good data to work with was made. The car will do better in baby steps to the finish line. Good to see another og street outlaw making the transition to no prep as the car looks to be very promising. Dominator took on boddie in a grudge race along with his fellow team mate jeff lutz. Check out the video to see dominator’s car in action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Man, lots of troubles it seems. Maybe should go to the lower maintenance 481X? Proline makes phenomenal engines, but their Hemi requires lots of love….aka, time and money.

  2. I think it's time for old Dominated crew to hang it up. I can count on one hand the amount of races that Joe has actually won on the show and at no prep events. He is always loosing. And for a long time now. Dominator has now become "Dominated".

  3. Dominators always thrashing because he feels no one can fix his car the way he can. I think he's the only guy that won't accept help from anyone, that's too bad

  4. Always thought Dominator's car sat to high for racing on the track , I think lower will let it grab better & faster , from what I hear Dominator is getting another Dart to put a super bird front end on 🤔🤔 but do say the now is looking BADASS now hopefully he starts kicking ass he deserves it he's one of the nicest guys out of the 405 OG'S . GOOD LUCK TO ARE MAN DOMINATOR 🤞🤞🤞.

  5. Nice to see the 405 helping each other out. Daddy Dave is a class act! Can't wait for NPK season premier!! I hope Dom makes it to the America's List Next season. Cantu and Axeman can suck it!! I have no use for them anymore! I hope they both lose from now on!

  6. Looks like he might have finally got his bigs tucked up into the quarters a little bit more… like a kid with big ears wearing a hat too big…(aka BigChief) lol

  7. That boy rite there, Dominator. One of the hardest working, FASTEST fellas in the NPK! Gauranteeeee his turn is on the horizon! You GO DOM!!

  8. Daddy Dave, just like all of the guys is all about the 405,, lending a hand everywhere he and they can if they're not in the pilot seat of their own hotrod.

  9. Maybe Daddy Dave should be looking for a better car with a reasonable wheelbase that will allow him more chances to straighten is car if he gets sideways?

    Like Dominator and his obsession with Darts…more wheelbase, boys…more wheelbase.

  10. Glad to see Dominator wedged the front of his car instead of putting a Charger Daytona like nose and wing like the talking head fanboys predicted. That would have looked hideous.

  11. doms biggest problem is he cannot stop doing old shit and he will not take advice from his friends that try to help and he still has that damn car all jacked up in rear

  12. Why does Dominator insist on his car so high in the back and low in the front. The car looks out of balance from the get go and rarely seem to make a full pass.

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