Dominators “New” Car, Kye Kelley’s Temporary Car, and Big Chiefs New Wing – No Prep News Episode 83

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  1. Great job on the video. Dominator is ether going to race a Daytona or made his dart look like a mini Daytona. I'm hoping that chief will be at outlaw Armageddon. Well my kids got me a go pro camera for my birthday. Now I can record video on my van racing. I hope I can remember my you tube channel password. My son said he will show me how edit the videos.

  2. Lizzy spoke about the 'All Girls' show called 'Gone Girls' during the PDRA race at Norwalk. She said it will be a daily driver race about 7 of the SO ladies kicking butt in Street cars in Las Vegas. She also discussed the new NPK video game that's coming soon. TTVE!

  3. Bet money the pic of that wing is on Joe Zolpers charger. Might have bout his wing and nose through Zolper and was picking them up. Idk.

  4. Hey sim dude I'm not sure if chiefs wing is npk approved but I guess will wait and see .now dominators new super bee look is cool but man if you whatedcharger he should've built one or is he just pulling or leg not sure what to think on Dom new idea I mean it looks awesome but if you're going to be a dart be a dart and if you aint then you aint just saying 😉 as always keep up the great work sim ttve

  5. Thanks for answering my question. My last name is pronounced Me- in , the “H” is silent. No worries everyone pronounced it wrong

  6. I’m sure you’ve seen Justin Swanstroms new video of his new ride firing up, what’s your thoughts? It’s definitely a badass machine 👍✌️ #TTVE

  7. Not sure if it's a new rule or something that just hasn't been enforced before, but I noticed something in the NPK rules that I haven't heard mentioned anywhere:
    First round callouts are allowed, but… In a first round callout, both cars must reach the finish line. If one of the cars does not reach the finish line, the winner still goes to the next round but does not get the 5 points for the round win.

    Copied from the NPK FB page:
    . In the first round of each Race, call outs are allowed before the chip draw. No call outs for any other round. For all call-outs each car must make it to the 660 mark on its own power. If not, then neither Racer gets the points for that run, but the winning Vehicle will proceed to the next round. If someone redlights, each vehicle still must make a pass to the 660.

  8. I can’t wait for the new npk season! I’m routing for 187 customs but there is gonna be a lot of stiff competition there for sure!

  9. Hey sim. Great video as usual. Do you know if chief or even possibly anyone from the MSO will be running this season of NPK? You da man keep up the good work

  10. And people also have to remember. That Chief never has been one that shows much of the shop or his life in general. But he makes up for it at the events that he is booked for

  11. Chief does have a guy working for him. I can’t remember his name though. As for 187 customs is Shawn and phantom. His dad helps him out a little here and there but that’s it. So major props to them especially phantom being the “crew chief” and managing to record, edit and put out these videos. He don’t get enough credit

  12. If it's true dominator changed his ride. Really happy he did. Man lost so many races. Hope he wins some out there.

  13. That nose on a Dart would not be legal for NPK. Dom cant even get down the track. I highly doubt he is worried about aerodynamics at this point.
    Didn't Kayla have to change her nose to more stock IIRC? Larson change the bed to be more stock looking?

  14. Hey, quick question for anyone to answer. Why do they run 1/8 mile and not 1/4 mile? is it because its hard to find a straight 1/4 mile street on the highway so street racers got used to racing only 1/8 mile? They make it seem really far on the show the way they cut it… but when you see it in real time testing at the track or something, its so quick/short!

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